Well used lawn mower-push type:

rustyj14(W/PA)April 11, 2012

I got 3 well used mowers today-owner sez they will run. HMMM

He also said-the one with the 3hp Tecumseh swallowed a silk stocking thru the carb! Said they didn't have the air filter, so they stretched the stocking over the intake of the carb, started 'er up, and whoosh--the silk stocking was sucked into the engine! Brainy, at least.?.

So, today i gave it a shot of ether and it started and ran-momentarily. So, gas into tank, choked it, and it started and ran about 10 seconds. HMMM. tomorrow is another day, but, i ain't found the silk stocking nor any remnants of it. Maybe it'll run. hopefully. Oh, i did remove the cylinder head--no sign--and i did clean the little carb bolt holes.

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Good thing they weren't panties, or you would never
give up, (snicker,snicker).

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Well, LBPod, ya made my day with yer comment! Funny! I sat here and laughed!
Rusty J.

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A lady called and said she was bringing her brand new Toro lawn mower in because the starter was stuck, and the rope wouldn't pull out! They said they had installed the push handle bars, but it only turned a half a turn, and then it wouldn't turn any further.
So, after they left and thinking about sitting around all day which would be BORING, i set about finding out what was the problem. First, i checked the oil--bone dry! New machinery is usually shipped minus any fluids. So, i added the right amount of oil. Then off came the plug wire. I then tried to turn the flywheel by hand. It turned about a half a turn and went "CLANK"! HMMM??
Turning the mower up to one side, i immediately saw the problem: The handle bars were made in three pieces. The long U-shaped upper part, and two shorter pieces which bolted to the handle bar brackets down by the rear wheels, and then the u-shaped piece was bolted to them! BUT---
Where the side pieces were bolted to the deck, there were holes clear thru the deck, and when the lower handle bar tubes slid down to be bolted on, they would slide clear down, and be hit by the blade! And, if ya didn't know that, you could find holes to bolt the upper handle-bar part on, but the whole handle bar would be much lower than normal. And, anybody who had no experience with this stuff, would think they should take the thing back to where they bought it!
Tomorrow, i am going to paint the side tubes where they go into the brackets, so they don't make that mistake again. Maybe, a couple hose clamps might be better.
The lady sez her son (around 35) has no mechanical ability, and thats why the thing got put together the way it was. I also told her about the dry shipping, so she wouldn't have another problem with any other powered machine. Any way, i started it and it runs well. Good thing the son installed the bars wrong, at least he didn't start it with no oil in it! WHEW!

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