Tec Snow King flooding big time

andyma_gwApril 14, 2010

I rotated the positions of the OPE t'other day. Got all 4 going, but the 5? HP Ariens is flooding out at idle. It doesnt seem to be an issue at high revs,engine burns it fast enough. And the shutoff works. I drained the fuel bowl a few times and finally I dropped the bowl and bent up on the float. If that doesnt work, I'll get a new needle /seat. I guess I'll check the float for leaks too. I dunno, numbers, but all these little old Tecs are pretty much universal. Ive got about 9 months to put this off.

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Yep, a bad float will cause flooding, as will the needle seat. Won't hurt to overhaul the carb, drain and clean the tank, new spark plug, change oil, check fuel filter, install a fuel shut-off valve, check fuel line for deterioration inside it. Check condition of air filter, if so equipped, although most snow blowers do not have an air filter---no dust in winter! Don't put it off--time passes swiftly, winter comes along fast, and you'll put it off, until the first snow! Uh-OH.

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Don't you have an idle air screw that you can adjust?

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