New Honda HRR mower loosing underdeck paint in 3 mows...

robster(georgia)April 16, 2014

Just got this about 1 month ago. I have tall thick Fescue grass that I have to mow about every 4 days right now. After 3 mows there is a strip of paint about 1 inch wide and around the front and side under the deck that the paint is gone and its got surface rust there already. the grass now clumps there and it does not mow as well. Anyone seen this before? Took several years of hard mowing to do that on my Toro. Also this thing sure rattles a lot after about 30 minutes use. It bags great, mulching is fair, rear discharge not good since the dont include a rear discharger thingy anymore...

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This is completely normal. It is a function of wear. It is from the grass clippings hitting the side of the mower after they have been cut. I am not a help with the clippings issue.

One thing you can do is increase the RPM on the mower for better clipping removal--they are RPM limited(3000RPM) for consumer safety. The engine will actually spin to 6500 RPM. If you shorten the spring(the one nearest the deck) by about 1/4 to 1/2 inch you can increase your RPM.

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