Can a overflowing carburetor cause this?

shillnavApril 15, 2013

Can a carburetor not shutting off fuel flow, filling the cylinder with gas,flowing into the oil---- cause a blown head gasket???


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It can finish the job if it had already started to blow through. Many times, OHV engines start off with a fine pin hole between the cylinder and the valve or oil return galley.

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Sure. The cylinder gets some liquid gas/oil in it and you hit the 'start' button. Liquids are not compressible, so the piston stops hard. This is called 'hydraulic lock'. I can see how it could blow a head gasket especially with an electric starter.

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Thanks for the replies !!

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I would be happy if a gasket blew to relieve a hydro-lock. Next in line would be a bent rod.

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I forgot to mention - you can accomplish the same thing on a mower in perfect condition by simply standing it up on it's wheels with the carburetor side down. Always tilt it up with the carb on the high side, like you would to dump the oil.

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