help with my sear craftsman riding mower md# 917.256600

wotskenApril 10, 2010

well i can fix anything when it comes to the work but i suck at troubleshooting this is the link to the owners manual

so hears my problem i am not even sure where to start so hears what has happened i have noticed over the last 10 times i have had the mower out running i couple little things some times it seemed like the maybe the drive belt was slipping a little so a little pull up with my foot and it was fine then a couple times i started the mower deck and the deck vibrated allot more then normal at start up ( i think i have solved that the deck was very full of old caked on grass thats clean and the blades where wore out very bad new blades) i had to leave it outside this winter we so that could be some kind of problem i don't know i will after reading the blog be keeping it covered from now on -now i have just started to pull a small garden trailer the tong weight is nothing i can lift it with a full load of dirt with one finger and it roles very very smooth my property is up or down a hill that rises 20ft in the length of 2 acres -- this might be to much info but i am just trying to give all the info that might help -- so today i pulled a full load of horse manurer and on the way there to get it its was slipping pretty bad and getting worse as i drove then i loaded it up and it seemed to sleep allot more i was planing to stop if i could get it unloaded but on the way up the hill the drive belt popped off so i got it back on and it started fine i ran it in neutral for 2 min it ran fine then i put it in 1st gear it went 5 ft then belt popped off again so i got a tow unhooked the trailer put the belt back on and same thing so i figured it might be the belt so now it has a new belt it had stretched a little it was old but not bad got it on same thing now at the same time this all started i had a small noise not a grinding more like i wining and the last time after the new belt it was much louder and sounded allot more like grinding sound it has a pulley coming off the motor and th belt goes from it to the tranny at the back the only thing besides that is the clutch pulley and the stable pulley after that the back side of the belt rides on it then goes to the back tranny pulley the clutch and stable pulleys spin but not freely the stop spinning as soon as i take my finger of they spin smooth not grabs or chunky feeling just smooth so i am thinking i might be the 2 pulleys but i cant just trow money at this thing i don't have that much if anyone can help please i need it just tell me what i need to work on and i will tear into it


Here is a link that might be useful: link to the owners manual

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Did you use the 138255 belt? Other thing to look at would be the front torque straps that keep the transaxle from tilting and the mount brackets are secure and not cracked whilst you are at it. You will also want to know that the drive pulley under the engine is intact ad not splitting- plus if it is real glazed from slipping before- take some scotch bright, emery or? and deglaze it. No oil getting on the belt- correct? My assumption is if you feel the idlers are ok that they probably are.

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the belt i got was not the matching number belt but the size of the belt was the same it is a 95.5 x 1/2 i think anyway it was the same as the factory spec's -- the drive pulley did not look to be spliting but did look very shinny like it could be glazed but the belt was not coming off that end it was all times coming off the transaxle -- i will look at the diagrams and find the front torque straps and the mounting brackets and check them and get back to yah with with info soon thanks for the starter info

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Here's the solution on the problem. Go buy a "GARDEN TRACTOR" with a geared transmission/differential! If you are trying to use a light duty lawn tractor, it isn't going to last long! They aren't designed to haul a large yard cart full of heavy, wet, horse manure, especially a hydrostatic tranny/differential! JMHO! Rusty Jones

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thanks rustyj14 i have a old one i am working on but i want to get my garden up so untill it gets going i have to do the best with what i have and very little money
well thanks for the advice it was not any of the stuff i was told to look at but from lifting up the rear end to get where i could see the transaxle i got alot better look at the clutch pulley and there was a plastic pulley and it was melted almost in half so it was a cheep pulley if the small town i live in would off had the part so i went to tractor supply and got a steal pulley the right size just had to do a little machining on a bushing and it worked great problem fixed but if it had not been for you telling me to look at the transaxle i would have never seen the pulley from that angle so thank you very much for the help

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