A little Garden Junk + Old Garden Junk Evolving

jeannespinesAugust 21, 2011

Since DH & I took on a big project of re-siding our ranch style house, my GJ projects have suffered but wanted to share a few.

This is a 2 pc cement bird waterer I got from a friend who bought it at a sale for $20 (which I was happy to pay for!) ...it's honkin' heavy & it's out in my Secret Garden (my DH said to find the spot where I wanted it cause it won't be moved around! LOL! I am going to paint it & clean up the area around it a little...so I want to share this before pic:

I'm thinking of adding some of my cement mushrooms that DH & I have been making for Farmer's Mrkt around the base of it.

And while shopping at Menards garden clearance sale, I spotted this statue on the floor under a shelf...I'm a sucker for "reading" so this one of children called to me! I was pleasantly surprised to Google info on it & I got a real bargain! The tag attached said "Henri Studio" & "quality cast stone for garden decor, 5-yr warranty." Here it is in my Secret Garden by my swing in the pines:

I dug the old log into the ground a little bit...here's a close-up...sweet angels, uh?

While sitting in that swing the other evening I spotted something in this birdhouse & had to go get DH to investigate it (thought it may be a bat ...but it wasn't!)

I posted this birdhse a few yrs ago...I used a light fixture for the front decor & the holes are small...so I was delighted that something had used it for a home!

Here's a close-up:

It's a TREE FROG!!! So darn cute!

And last of all, I want to share my Tipsy Buckets again...all this JULY heat did in alot of my gardens...but this one perservered! The Blue Lobelia I had in with the Dusty Miller did not make it, however...but the Trailing Petunias....WONDERFUL!:

Hope to be sharing more...siding project almost done...but the flower beds have been trampled on all summer...so I'm working on cleaning those ups ...& some more painting to finish...summer not over yet...hopefully, more GJ to come! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, those reading Angels are just wonderful. And PERFECT for you. I love them! And the birdbath is really neat, adding your cement mushrooms by the base will look
really good. That little tree frog is precious. I love frogs but they don't love Phoenix. (they'd fry here)

Those are 'wave' petunias? If so, they are supposed to grow here and I would love try some if I ever get brave enough. I just hate being a serial flower killer. sigh.
Yours looks so pretty spilling from the tipsy pots.

hugs, Karen

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The bird waterer looks good in that setting.
What color will you paint it?
It is pretty even if you do not paint it.

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Yes, purplemoon...they are called "Wave Petunias" ... & they do so good here...I hope you give 'em a try in AZ...I do water alot but they're hardy enough for heat, I guess! Thank you...& yes, I LOVE that statue...look it up (one link is below)...very expensive so I don't know why I got this one for $30 except it is not gold colored..it is the same size as the link below...it is very heavy, solid...I can't lift it...DH also said he only wanted to put it in place ONE time! LOL!

soxxx...I bought some Rusteoleum spray paint...kind of a Sage color & also have some 'browns'...wish it hadn't been painted before but I don't like that green color at the base & also the outside of the bowl is peeling. It was a great buy for $20...very heavy & the wind won't blow it over! Thanks! Jeanne s.

Here is a link that might be useful: Henri Studio Two Cherubs Reading

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Jeanne...Your garden things are wonderful! I love them all. So glad you are almost finished with your house. Hope you will show a picture.


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Love the statue! And the tree frog is adorable.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I am so jealous of that bird bath! A month or so ago walking the dog on our favorite trail every day, I watched beautiful the yellow amanita mushrooms (poisonous) develop from egg shaped to flat topped to top edges pointing upward. And I thought "what a beautiful bird bath an upward pointing mushroom would be!" and tried to think of how to make one.
I can't believe what I'm seeing!
I love the 2 shrooms at the base.
Love all your other things too, everything you do is so beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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What a wonderful treat to see all of your goodies,, love them all and would love yo visit and set a spell in your secret garden,, looking forward to more treats....geeme

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Marlene Kindred

Jeanne...I totally understand your DH's instructions on the birdbath! And I had to laugh when you said it was honkin' heavy...I thought I was the only one who used the term "honkin". Love the look and your shrooms will look great with it. Love your reading angels too! Your tipsy buckets look great...my gardens have really suffered since July as well and your birdhouse turned frog house is wonderful! What a great picture of the little guy peeking out to say hello! TFS!

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The little frog is so cute peeking out. Love that birdhouse. Yep.....gotta add some of your mushrooms to complete an already cute setting. Your tunias sure looks good. They seem to be holding up well

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Love it all Jeanne, I went on conversations & tried to log-in since they said I was off, it keeps coming up that there is no GJF Ha! Sorry to hijack your post but I will be gone for awhile. Mom in hospital 9 days with AF & trying to care for dad(stroke 1 yr ago) at home. Bro. had to fly to East Coast for business. Other bro. came in sick-so it goes .I'm on my own except for DD some & lady taking care of dad some mornings(& snooping through the house!!) So I've got to stay there for few days~.~, talk to you all later & miss you! Jan

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I love it all !!!!!!

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Thanks, GJer's, for your comments...GJ'ing is so much fun!
crete...I couldn't believe that pic you posted! The birdbath top does look like that...now I'll probably have to consider other painting options! LOL!

sunnyca...I copied your message & posted it on the "conversation" side for you ...sorry you couldn't get logged in. Hoping things go better for you all. Jeanne S.

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My favorite has to be the shroom birdbath. :) what color is it going to be painted?

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