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imjustsam(6)August 22, 2011

I had a picnic last weekend and my 4 yr old GD was here and so was my friend with his 5 yr old. I thought craft time might be a good ice-breaker for my often shy GD. I spray painted some flower pots white and gathered up some paints, brushes and crafty supplies ahead of time.

Pretty soon the big kids joined in. I was a bit surprised when Sam the 17 year old said "Do you have any pots that I could paint?"

I was selfishly thrilled when the little ones each left 1 pot behind.

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Too cute!!!

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Wonderful!!!!! LOL

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Sweet. What a great idea.

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Love it! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Awww, that is so special. I especially love that the 17 yr old joined in! How great is that!

hugs, Karen

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What ever happened to crafting??? I used to make & sell crafts & all 3 of mine were introduced to imagination stuff asap! Kids now only want to play video games! Saaaad.
My kids used to help sell at my craft shows & their math skills were (are) excellent.
Homemade clay, pompoms & googlie eyes, paints, popsickle sticks, etc etc... I still have pieces of their art.

Even cooking! My 20yo son is an excellent cook, no gender-bias here. He can also sew and loves to garden. Yet, he's a long-haired, computor oriented, truck-driving hard-guy! lol My 19yo daughter works on her car & since we have rentals & flip houses, she can tile, run wires & build with the pros! But, she will bake a castle wedding cake, sew a prom gown, and paint like an artist.

KUDOS to you! Start them young, train them right, and they will BLOOM. Not only do these things evoke imagination, it leads to further interests. I believe it makes them better people too.

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It's so much fun with kids! They'll remember that for life!! Great job!!

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this is such a great, great idea. i have some youth at church and i bet they would love doing this. :)

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Marlene Kindred

Very cool! Looks like you had a great time with everyone!

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Many times when my grandchildren were here I got out the craft stuff. They loved it. I have a vintage chair with spots of paint on it. I wouldn't change it for the world.

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Cute pots, wonderful time together and the memories that will last forever!!!

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Love them! Cute kids too! I have 2 pots out back that my DD & kids made me for birthday 1 yr & 1 has faded some, I'm thinking of bringing it in & refreshing it if I think I can, I don't think that 1 got much of a coating on inside, peeling in places so be sure if you do some to coat the insides well with sealer so water doesn't seep through along with sealing the outside for painting! Jan

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