HELP! does this lawn have a chance?

growingadviceMay 13, 2011

Looking for for opinion/thoughts since I know very little about lawns and landscapping.

I had some septic work done, after which, it dug up all the crappy, rocky fill to the surface.

I had a guy with an attachement on a tractor that dug up the rocks up. the spikes on this thing went about 6-10 inches deep, and he hauled them away.

I dont know the name of the thing, but it was a turning with spikes on it, which is what dug the rocks up.

after that it looked fine, so the lawn was seeded, straw placed over it, and ive been watering it at least 1x/day for about 2-3wks.

Now, as I was walking through the yard, I see all these rocks!

I don't know if this is ok and the lawn will be fine, or if I should have brought in other type of soil over this stuff!

I've included a couple of pics. one is a wide view. This one looks ok, but the others are if you look straight down. Most of the rocks are about 1 in +/-.

thanks for any help or suggestions.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

That tool was a tractor mounted rototiller. I generally object to any tilling but the tractor mounted one is the only one that [usually] does not ruin your yard over the long term.

If you feel like it, pluck out those rocks. Or not. You'll be fine.

You should have been watering 3x per day all this time since you seeded. 3x for 10 minutes each time. Seed needs continual moisture to germinate. 3 weeks after you have 80% of the seed up, then start to back off on watering. Otherwise you will encourage weed seeds to sprout. When you back off you have to extend the time you water.

If you write back please say where you live and what you seeded with.

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Thanks dchall, I Appreciate the response!

I live in western MA.

I guess it's been just over 3 wks now.

I threw away the bags, but I"m pretty sure it was tall fescue. I believe it was Vigoro brand.

I'm pretty sure the attachment wasn't a rototiller. The name of it isn't that big of a deal, but now I'm wondering what it is, lol!

I'm gonna ask the guy who did it.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

What tool "turns with spikes on it?" The tool he should have used is called a box blade or a landscaper's blade.

There is always hope for a lawn. You might not like the time frame, but there is hope. Unfortunately we are entering summer. There is little hope for your seed that has not sprouted already. Summer heat will knock out tender roots on grass. Not on weeds, of course, but on grass it will. The time to reseed is the end of summer. That gives you all fall to develop roots in preparation for next summer. It also has the advantage of getting a yard full of grass when the crabgrass seed is not sprouting. If you have dense turf in the spring, you will not need herbicide or weed killers - maybe forever.

Here is a little grass theory for northern lawns. There are two very popular types of grass in the nawth. Those are the fescues and the Kentucky bluegrasses. Fescue is a bunch grass (grows in clumps) and can tolerate some shade. KBG is a sod forming grass (spreads out and fills in bare spots) but cannot thrive in any amount of shade. Fescue remains green all winter even when it is too cold to grow. KBG turns brown in the winter.

Many people will mix the two grass seeds together to get the benefits of both. Personally I believe that works very well if you have any shade to deal with. Otherwise I would be a KBG guy if I lived in the north. Why? Less hassle in the growing season. I can live with a brown lawn in winter. If you have a fescue only lawn, you will be seeding every fall to keep it dense enough to fight off weeds.

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I got the name of the attachment used to remove the rocks, it was a Harley rake.

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Yep, I've been using a Harley rake for years. Using a Harley rake, a pulverizer, or a rock hound, I can create the perfect seedbed. And if I want to shape something, then and only then will I use a box blade; except for bigger projects, then we use a Cat D3.

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