What can I do with this thing?

lizzardlyAugust 11, 2011

I have a box of these (25 or so) that DH donating to my junking efforts. They are actually for the top of a downspout to block leaves from getting in and clogging up the works.

I've been looking at them for about a year now and haven't come up with anything, but I know there's something there. I just haven't seen it.

They are pretty rigid, but can be spread a little with effort- lots of effort. Maybe more effort than I have in me.

Any ideas? You guys are SO much more creative than I am. I'm counting on you. :)

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Marlene Kindred

Well, the first thing I thought of was bug bodies...my DH welds, so they look like dragonfly bodies to me. The other thing that came to mind was to paint them colors and make a windchime with them combined with something more solid to make the sound stronger...does that make sense?

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Looks like curly hair to me! I've been on a robot kick lately, so most metal pieces I see as robot parts LOL
Could make a totally cute caterpillar. Are they flexible? You could do something like they've done in the stores, put a bug, butterfly, whatever on one end, put the other end on a stick & they will fly in the wind.

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To me it looks like ice cream on a cone on its side.

Are they metal or hard plastic?

Maybe you could put them over a candle, wrought iron is always in. Like a wall sconce candle.


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It looks like something that I bought to suspend from a branch to put a dried ear of corn in for the squirrels.

Mine may be a little wider but you said it might be expanded. Or find a small ear of corn.

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Yup, they definitely look like 'twirlies' to me! I'd try suspending them with jewelry wire or fishing line...in a tree, fence line, garden gate, arbor or something outdoors.

Or you may be able to use them w/solar lights somehow...sticking the stake of the solar light thru the spiral before putting in the ground???

I like that dried corn idea if the ear will fit in the spiral. Good luck & please share when you decide what to try. Jeanne S.

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I am thinking Christmas. Maybe spray paint some and assemble in a circle like a wreath, put tiny lights in side and then maybe a snowman face in the center. If you put the snowman on front and back it would be reversible hanging from the porch or tree limb. For Halloween you could use a jack-o-lantern face and orange lights. Hope this doesn't sound too dumb.


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I love those!!! I like all the hanging ideas for those!
I can see bright colors....
I saw the corn thingys the other day, but they were
kinda pricy.
Everything I hang (windchimes, etc) I use fishing
swivels at the top of the attached line/wire, and
also the place where the bottom part hangs so they are
'freewheeling in the wind'
Works for me!

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

I bought one of these at a garage sale that had been turned into a feeder that holds cobs of corn for birds or squirrels. It had a wire handle at the top for hanging, that was removable so the cob of corn could be inserted and the wire replaced. If you sell your garden crafts, that could be a little money maker for you.

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

Today I was browsing through a magazine while I was having my hair done. And they showed a photo of some stars wedding and they had decorated the tree above the altar table (outdoor wedding) sorry did not catch name of mag, but they were decorated with beads and probably solar lights and hung on the tree it looked really pretty. Same idea Jeannepines suggested. Good Luck and post photo!

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Paint 1 white & attach the end at left of pic to a piece of wood & paint 2 little black 'ghost" eyes & a little long mouth below them for a Halloween ghost. Or I think they could be any color with the beads/solar light idea & would look great in the trees.Jan

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I knew you guys would come thru with some good ideas. I think I'll try some in the oak tree out back with lights and some as squirrel feeders to sell. How did I not see that? Thank you!!!

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