craftsman 917.377280 drive belt replacenent

papadieselApril 21, 2011


How do I replace the drive (front wheel) belt on this Sears 917.377280. It appears that I need to remove the blade and coupling before removing the bottom guard. Tried using a bearing puller. Is the blade coupling keyed ? Don't want to use more force or a bigger hammer. How about heat or C4?? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE !!!

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Yes, you have described the complete way to replace that belt.
And, yes, i have done them a lot.
And no, there ain't any quick way to do it, that i know of!
As a last resort, on one of my own mowers, i had to cut the section of the under-side belt guard, and man-handle it from around the crankshaft, to replace it. I then had to make a tin strip to fasten it back together. This was because, no maatter how hot i got the blade mounting part, it would not come off! I used up a lot of acetylene and oxygen heating that part, to no avail! Compressed air is lots cheaper! RJ

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