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kjtg210April 20, 2010

I have a Craftsman 50" with a Kohler Command GT 22.5 HP v twin engine. It was a gift that had set up for a while. We put a new battery in and after some tinkerin got the mower runnin. I tried to start it a few days later and found i had a dead battery. The battery got recharged and is powering another mower just fine. I was wondering if there was some sort of alternator that kept the battery charged and where it would be located? I have heard of magneto's, but in referrence to engines with pull cords.Would this possibly apply? I appreciate your time and help.

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If you can't find an alternator on the engine, then there are likely permanent magnets fixed to the flywheel, and a stationary coil near the flywheel, that is energized when the flywheel spins. Its actually a type of alternator.

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Most rider engines have an alternator located under the flywheel. The alternator consists of magnets and a coil of wires. The ignition system magnets are not part of the alternator.

Here are some thoughts on the dead battery.
If the engine was stalled and the ignition/starter switch was left in the on position, there may have been an electrical draw from the afterfire solenoid. Your ignition switch may have been turned to the headlight position after the engine was stopped.

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