Recent Flea Market Finds in the Gardens

jeannespinesAugust 31, 2012

DH & I went to a great FMrkt a couple weekends ago & I got these great BIG iron wheels & a rusty old funnel...that same day my SIL delivered these 3 old tall doors that used to be his garage doors in an old house. Wow, a GREAT GJ day!

Got some clearance plants @ Lowes the other day ... added 3 @ 40 cts each of "Mexican Heather." The funnel planter idea is copied from a friend on the Internet ... 'S' hooks, old chain & a bigger 'S' hook for hanging ...I love it!

Here's the Tipsy Buckets/Garden Gate vignette where I hung it (now I want an old rusty wheelbarrow in that area ...the galvanized tub on legs gets moved to bird feed area in the Winter this isn't it's permanent home:

One of the wheels is against the garden shed

& the other I put out in the Secret Garden @ the 'Shroom birdbath:

The doors ...ummm...dont' know what project yet. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Those are awesome finds Jeanne! LOVE the wheels and they look great in your yard. The funnel is so pretty with the Mexican heather in that plant...just wish it was hardy here.

All of your vignettes are looking great!

Can't wait to see what you use the doors for...they are too cool. TFS~

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Gee I wanna tour your gardens soooo bad! Love all the vignettes! TFS Carol

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The wheel looks great with the mushroom birdbath. The heather is perfect for that funnel, it must be pretty big! The little bird houses are so cute on the gate & tipsy buckets filled in beautifully. Doors will end up something wonderful I'm sure! Your other ones did!TFS Jan

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Love the funnel! What a great idea and look!

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I want! I want the gate, the funnel, and a few other of your finds, LOL. You made great use use of your treasures. I'd use the old doors, front and back, on my own garage. They still look useable.

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