Eagle Gas Can Spout

groundhogva(z6 VA)April 1, 2008

The spout broke off of my Eagle SP 2.5 gas can. Does anybody know were I could get a replacement?

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I would contact Eagle mfg I'm sure they can help you. Go to their website they have a phone# & email address.

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Here's the link to the Eagle website. Below...

Here is a link that might be useful: Eagle

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groundhogva(z6 VA)

Thanks guys. I went on their web site and sent them an email message. Here is their reply.

"We discontinued that can and all our consumer gas can line in December 2000. We no longer have any cans, spouts or parts available. Sorry"

What a shame. Discontinued like my Troy Built Speedy Hoe Mini Tiller. I can't find tines for it anywhere.

I did find a place in Ohio who claims they have a possible replacement spout for Eagle gas cans. I ordered 2 with the hope it fits. That's all I could do.


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Sounds like Eagle is being pressured by the
EPA nazis.

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Let me know if it works, and where I can get it

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If your talking about the type 1 yellow plastic spout, they can be purchased at Grainger. Go to www.grainger.com


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I hope ya ll appreciate this. I registered just to answer this question. I too have been looking for a replacement spout for my two eagle gas can. I found a perfect match at http://www.jackssmallengines.com/gascan_acc.cfm. those new spouts are very annoying.

Here is a link that might be useful: jackssmallengines

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Now this is what I came up with for a smart person that saved all their old gas can spouts like the ones shown for sale on ebay. The old one is not approved by the government but it works just like it should.


Advance Auto Store:
You first need to get a 3/8 inch ID diameter gasoline grade piece of hose. It does not have to be high pressure fuel injection grade rubber hose.
A length of about one foot will do nicely.
Get a small spring hose clamp or a screw type hose clamp also.


The Hillman Group 4-Pack 3/8-in x 3/8-in Threaded Adapter Fittings
The Hillman Group 4-Pack 3/8-in (OD tube hose barb) x 3/8-in Threaded Adapter Fittings
Lowes.com. You only need one but this is an expensive 4 pack at $26. Look around for just one at stores. THis is just an image to view or use for FOUR spouts..

A 7/16" hose barb will also work and I used that one I had used. I just planned to use a foot of 7/16 inch ID gas hose. $1.50.


Home Depot.com, go to the hardware section's wide pull out hardware drawers. One is marked fender washers and flat washers, as I recall.

Crown Bolt, Zinc plated, M16, metric flat washer. That's about 11/16th inch in diameter and fits a national standard 3/8" pipe thread's OD.

Crown Bolt Neoprene Rubber Fender Washer 3/8" x 1-1/2". Cut inside diameter to fit your fitting that is 5/8 inch in diameter.

Eagle gas cap spec's are listed below with the 5/8th inch hole in it. **

Crown Bolt Neoprene Rubber Fender Washer 3/8" x 1-1/2".
Crown Bolt Neoprene Rubber Fender Washer 3/8" x 2", cut it to fit the inside your gas cap or use cork sheet stock.

Watts brand, Brass Pipe Coupling, 3/8 inch threaded, FIP, #LFA-760, one inch in length.
Hack saw it in half to make two NPT tapered bolts but one bolt will do. If you want a jam nut, use the second one of the 3/8" National Pipe Thread (FIP) "bolt" you made but you might have to tap it becasue it's tappered threads. So you might have to thread the jam nut more.

Now you need a flame arrester.

Here's a demo of how they work. No. THat screen is not a gas filter! It's a safety feature that works.

The maximum screen size is 1/8 inch in this video to stop a flame.
Iron, nichrome, or aluminum screen or perforated sheet stock of aluminum should work.
Put the steel screen inside the brass coupling and jam it in there tight so it can't come out ever.


** You must have saved the Eagle white rubber spout metal gasoline cap, 5/8" centered hole ID, about 1-7/8 inch in diameter overall that came with your galvanized lifetime gasoline storage can(s). Ace still has solid caps this size. Get a backup.

Note: These parts above are in a certain order.
You need your old red Eagle spout tapered jam end cap, or an equivalent "stopper" of some sort. The material must not be affected by liquid gasoline exposure. DOn't use cork!
Does the government thinks these old spouts have set millions of US citizens on fire?
The flame arrester is usually inside the gas cap's spout and is not seen from the outside in a old Eagle white rubber spout. The aluminum perforated sheet stock is just a jam fit inside the rubber spout as a round disk of that perforated aluminum sheet stock. The hole size is about 0.7 millimeters in a diamond type pattern of holes.
Don't use steel wool because the fibers will get into the gasoline fuel line.

Eagle gasoline cans are galvanized, the best in my opinion, and WILL last a lifetime. However, the spouts do not last that long. They get hard and break or fail. So figure out what I did with my Advance Auto rubber gasoline resistant hose.
OK. My 7/16" ID hose is a bit bigger in diameter than the Eagle original hose but it is way more flexible than the original Eagle white rubber hose. Besides, beggars can't be choosers. A spare repalcement hose will set you back $1.50.

You can get an old style vented replacement gas cap at Ace Hardware but you will have to drill a 5/8th inch hole in the center of it somehow or have someone do it for you with a Greenlee chassis punch or whatever. The liner is designed to leak in air as gas is used up. You probably can recyle the liner or throw it away. I used the HD neoprene rubber gasket.
The hole is 5/8th inch and not a 3/8" thread hole size.

VERY high quality high pressure Swagelock brand brass fittings can be bought locally one at a time. You need a brass tube adapter, probably B-8-TA-1-6. Ask them what to use. This is a straight wall tube. Mine was serated a little bit, with OD 1/2", and I could not find it without a paper catalog in front of me. They make a serated one just like this one that I IDed with the above part number. Akron Fitting and Valve and Pittsburgh Valve carry these items and lots of other dealers around the world.

Anything one man can invent, another can un-invent (, reinvent, or redesign).


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dennyin(Central Indiana)

If you have a Rural King in the area they have replacement spouts to fit. I bought one to replace the newer safety spout that mysterously broke. I put a short valve stem in the plastic can near the handle, removed the valve inside, and take the cap off to vent when pouring.

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Here's a recommendation, but certainly not inexpensive. Copy and paste the entire length of the link:


And, another option:


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Eagle funnel: web site current as of 06/04/13. I think they offer free shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eagle fuinnel

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