Weed b gon and ironite

smitty846May 14, 2014

I want to spray the lawn with weed b gon and I know it says rain safe after 1 hour, however we are forecasted to get steady/heavy rain for about an 8 hour stretch tomorrow. I am able to apply more than an hour before rain starts but am I better off waiting for another day?

Second q, I also want to apply ironite, can I do this right before or after weed b gon? I know the ironite says to water it in well after application. Am I better off applying ironite before the heavy rain and holding off on weed b gon? I really need to get rid of all these dandelions ASAP. I live in Buffalo NY with a KBG mix. Thanks.

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Ironite now to take advantage of the free rain water.

Do you have enough weeds to warrant using an herbicide?

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Yes lawn if full of weeds. 9 days ago I aerated with spike style tow behind. That's what the rental company had other than a power model. Then I applied Scott's step 1. Haven't mowed sense. Planning to mow in a few more days at a high setting (3.5") and keep it there for the season.

I just applied the Ironite. How soon now can I spray weed b gon?
It's gonna be a balancing act between that and the rain in the forecast. I need to mow soon but don't want to until 1-2 days after weed b gon is down.

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I would almost think your best bet is to do ironite before the rain and weed b gon after.

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Why Ironite? A 40lb bag of 1-0-1 Ironite contains 4.5% iron. That's 1.8lbs iron, 0.4lbs nitrogen at a cost of $18. A 50lb bag of 5-2-0 Milorganite contains 4% iron. That's 2lbs of iron and 2.5lbs of nitrogen (60% of which is WIN "organic" which will promote micro-organisms and a healthy lawn) at a cost of $16. At the Ironite recommended application rate of .45lbs per 1000 sq ft., it will cover 4000 sq ft. At that same .45lb rate, the Milorganite bag will cover 4400 sq ft. plus you get all of the additional nutrient advantages.
Home depot sells 40# bags of Ironite in my area for $18.67 and 36# bags of Milorganite for $12.37 (which is highway robbery). Even so, you are paying 10.37/lb of iron with Ironite and only $8.59/lb of iron with Milorganite.
I have never watered Milorganite in and I regularly spot spray with WBG with no issues.
Something to consider.

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I guess I just know and like Ironite. A big factor is that Amazon prime has it for $18 with free 2 day shipping. Not bad for 120 lbs of product.

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I never seen Ironite in 120lb bags. Even if you mean 3- 40lb bags at $6 each, that's a steal. Can you link to that?

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$18/ bag (40lb x 3) = 120lbs of product shipped free at my door in 2 days.

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