Mower Rust

peterdonApril 27, 2010

My Sears Craftsman (2002) 944 has rust on top body and as much as I want to keep it there is a hole which will only be getting larger. So I have decided to purchase a new mower asap. How do you prevent rust? After using I hosed the top and underside and left the mover out on the lawn to self-dry before putting in the garden shed. Did I need to dried it with a rag or old-towel.

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The best place to store a mower to ensure long life is in a garage. I've always suspected that temperature and humidity variations in sheds, under tarps, etc. cause condensation that contributes to rust. Opinions seem to be split on the wisdom of spraying off mowers with water -- some say it encourages rust, others say it's a good idea and ensures proper air flow under the deck and prevents wet grass from getting stuck to the deck and trapping moisture there. The advent of hose-out ports on mower decks seems to imply that manufacturers encourage using water to keep a deck clean. Mowers are designed to last 7 years; if your machine is a 2002 model, you got your money's worth and more.

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Why not cover the hole and keep the mower until you have a REAL problem? I've had a hole in my deck for a few years and when I get tired of it, I'll weld it.

Since I work on mowers, I'll advise you that your 2002 model is probably built 3 times stronger than the box store brands of 2010. Mowers that are 2-3 years old have flexed bodies, wheels falling off and bent handles.

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I am frighten that I might not see a stone of branch and that could come throught the hole and hit me.
Wife had suggested I put cardboard over hole and tape down with duct-tape. I am not mechanically incline.

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The deck is thin gauge steel. Have someone put a piece of steel over the hole and rivet it in place. Making sure it is nowhere near the blade.

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An 8 year old mower with a rusted through hole in the deck? Its the mower stored outside near the beach? Or do you use a lot of chemicals on the lawn?

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I'd think the risk of having a tiny stone or branch come through a small hole in the deck and hit you pales in comparison to the risk of the blade pitching a piece of something (glass, metal, cable, etc.) through the bag and having it stab you in the leg. Either way, I wouldn't be too concerned.

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I've always stored my mowers in a garage - better than anywhere outside. Never had a rust problem. I used to use water to clean the underside of the deck. If you do, run the mower a few minutes to help dry it off. I use my leaf blower now to clean the deck. I have a VERY old Honda HRC216. No holes. The mower is very heavy - but bullet proof.

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