Anyone here have an oddball push mower?

sfhill(c PA)April 19, 2009

This is my favorite and it was built in 1969. It has 3 blades and makes a 30" cut. It has an alloy deck, steel ball bearing wheels and a 3 1/2HP engine. Although the company made self propelled models, this is a push model. I also have an extra mower just like this one for back up. Since it is very light, it pushes very easy. The discharge spout plugs easy if mowing extremely heavy or wet grass. Despite it's few drawbacks, I wouldn't trade it for any other mower.

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Man, that is about the most oddball mower I've seen. Congratulations!

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I haven't seen a setup like that before. That would be quite a sight with bags on both chutes!

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That is one interesting mower. To find any mower that have more than 21 or 22 inch cut without going to a rider has always been a problem. It also has some history behind it. It, according to this link says it was the original rotary mower.

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Funkiest thing I've ever seen, and I love it! I was born in '69 which makes me love it even more. Really cool.

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very cool mower that is 2 years older than. must be quite well built not like the junk most make today. you have to spend big bucks to get good quality new now.

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One of the reasons it has lasted all these years is it has STEEL wheels. Every mower I look at today has plastic wheels,every one!

I have a 1987 Lawn Chief with a 3.5 hp B&S engine. It has steel wheels and a substantial deck. I use it as a trim mower and have since 1987. It has never had a major repair although it is starting to burn a bit of oil.

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Tonight I was doing my weekly search on e bay for odd stuff and saw a lawn mower called goodall? from the pictures it is and oddball for sure. I dont recognize the engine or even the company name or set up. Im very tempted to bid on but thought if would fit right in this subject and wanted to know if anyone has ever seen one of these in person or what is the history behind them.

Here is a link that might be useful: lawn mower

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I found a couple on Craig's list in my area. Here's one that is a "Cycle Mower"

and this one looks different too. Almost like it had been modified?

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Not sure of the year. But if I remember correctly it has a 32' cut, and has a 6hp b&s. And is self propelled.

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Goodall Equipment has been making this style of mower since at least the 1940s. I don't think they were aimed at the home owner market.

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Looks like a riding mower without the rider--) Real Nice!

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For Goodall guys.
Search yahoo for Goodall and you'll find a group there that loves these things.

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