Lawn growing too fast

CynicalguyMay 16, 2014

My landscaper told me today my lawn is growing faster than all the other houses and it takes him 3 times as long to cut my lawn and he is not making money on me. All I use is Lawn Restore II. What can I do to slow it down?

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"...and he is not making money on me."

That says it all right there.

Too many guys call themselves landscapers yet know very little about plants. They're just an adult version of preteens who once roamed the neighborhood looking to cut yards for pocket money.

I remember before the housing bust, when many single women moved out of apartments and into homes, every other truck I passed on the street, and even some family vehicles, had a hitch attached. They all claimed to be in the landscaping business.

What is this guy doing that you can't do yourself?

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There are growth inhibitors, but they are rather expensive and work better on short cut grass rather than home lawn heights. Home-owner lawn nuts usually use it to suppress seed heads. Primo is one.

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Luisfmart(Zone 9)

Get a new landscaper.

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Do you have a real lawn or is it mostly weeds? Weeds grow faster than grass. Also you mention the use of a fertilizer, lawn restore 2, I checked their website and it says that they now recommend that 1 bag cover 5,000 sq/ft - double what the earlier product covered. Check how much fertilizer you have been putting down by double checking the application rate.

If you have put it down correctly then perhaps your lawn guy has other clients who don't fertilize at all and perhaps your lawn is in better shape than his other clients.

I would also think about replacing landscapers, anyone who knows anything about grass knows that grass grows faster when given lots of water, food and warm weather.

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