Honda HR214 SX rebuild help

Lawnman8April 10, 2011

I have a Honda that was suspected of having a cracked case.The friend I got it from said he let a neighborhood kid mow his lawn for $$ and when he finished the lawnmower was covered in oil and the kid had no explanation. He also said for the first time in the 20 years he owned the mower it wouldn't start. I got it started, but only by holding the BBC on. when it was running, the bbc wouldn't shut off(roto handle released). It also gushed out copious amounts of oil near the fill plug.Upon further inspection, we determined the kid hit something b/c the blade had huge nicks in it and the metal piece directing grass to the bag was almost completely busted off. Well I finally got it apart yesterday to find a 6" rip in the case gasket right were I suspected the leak was. My question is this; is the clutch "broken" from being hit by the unknown object, because it looked fine when I took it off and cleaned all the parts. On the same ?, what would cause it to not disengage, and what would need to be replaced? when it was together, the cable moved freely, and something on the clutch did move when the Roto handle was engaged/disengaged.

Relating to this rebuild I am in the process of, is anyone aware of online torque and clearance specs for this mower? I want to make sure there is no bearing or crankshaft wear before I just replace the gasket.

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