What is my Sears Craftsman yard tractor worth

gfc56(z8 Fl)April 19, 2011

I have a lightly used Sears YS-4500 42", 6 spd, with 20 hp Kohler pro. I purchased this in 2009 for $1200. It is in perfect running and cosmetic condition. I just do not use it enough to warrant keeping it. I prefer to keep my lawn mowed with my Honda push mower. I want to list it for sale on craigslist. I do not want to ask too much, or too less.


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gfc56(z8 Fl)

Oops meant to post above.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sears Yard Tractor

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Gee, i bought one just like it, last summer, for fifty bucks! Same color, too. But, it had a bad transmission. Former owner didn't know he should stop to shift gears. With the result the pinion gear is stripped!

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I would think $900.00 would be a fair asking price for a two yr old tractor / mower . Not less than $750.00 unless you know something we don't lol .

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Clean it up so it looks like showroom. Park it on the corner with a "for sale". sign. Ask a premium price ($875)and see what happens. You can always lower the price. Now is the prime time to offer this.

I purchased about a dozen mowers that were about 7 - 8 years old. I paid $100 - $150 for MTD and had difficulty selling for $300.00. I paid up to $300 for Craftsman and usually sold them for about $500.00. All were serviced and cleaned up like showroom. One craftsman had the 46 cubic inch opposed twin and was real clean - $700.00.

Most people who have premium dollars will simply buy a new mower. Our friends who look for a used mower are usually on a very limited budget. About 50% of the original price is what they are willing to pay.

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gfc56(z8 Fl)

Thanks for the solid advice everyone. I was thinking no less than $700.00. I can afford to wait for a good offer. The mower is in brand new condition.

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Well there you go Haste makes Waste , Good Decision !

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