Perennial Ryegrass Getting In My Kentucky Bluegrass

407eastMay 3, 2012

So I have what I think is Perennial Ryegrass popping up all over my Kentucky Bluegrass lawn. I noticed it late last fall. I would see these greenish-blue colored grasses growing in where some of my KBG had died due to some grubs. Earlier this spring I realized they weren't KGB and started pulling them up wherever I noticed them. Now I'm seeing them even in the thickest areas of KBG (my lawn does well and is thriving at this point).

My question is, should I really care that it's getting into my lawn? Could they have been there all along? The lawn is only 3 years old. Aesthetically you can barely tell a difference between the two grasses but will the Ryegrass outcompete the KGB? Any ideas or advice is appreciated.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Can you post a picture? Does the invader grass ever get white seed heads? If so a picture of the seed head would be helpful.

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Perennial rye doesn't just pop up in a lawn unless you live next to an unmowed field that contains PR. Most PR is dark green by the way, and blends well with KBG. Many sports fields are mixes of KBG and PR. I see where dchall is headed, could be poa annua. Pics of the offending grass would be very helpful (closeup pics).

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tiemco, I do live next to a field but I don't know if there's any of this grass over there. I live downtown and most yards are pretty unmaintained so I'm usually dealing with a lot of weeds popping up in my parkway but I've never noticed this stuff until this year. I fee like it's PR because of the purple stalks. Here are some pics:

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Hard to say, identifying grasses from pics is never easy, and yours aren't the best. There are plenty of websites that can help you with IDing grasses and weeds. Anyway here are the basics of the three cool season grasses (there are some other characteristics that aren't as obvious such as ligule shape and form, rolled or folded leaves in sheath, etc).

Tall fescue: Pointed tip, prominent veins, no obvious midrib. Edges are serated, but in turf types it isn't as prominent as in wild types.

Perennial rye: Fused speed boat tip, veins visible, dorsal midrib, front side dull, back side shiny.

KBG: Boat shaped (canoe) tip, no obvious veins, dorsal midrib, leafs are smooth and soft.

Poa triv and poa annua have the characteristics of KBG, but can be highly variable in appearance.

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