Toro Recycler sparks

fastmov4April 16, 2013

Situation: I ran over a piece of rebar sticking up out of the ground with my Toro Recycler. The blade caught it, and the whole lawnmower shuttered to a stop. Checked out the blade, and it looked to be OK. I started the mower back up, and it seemed to run fine with the exception of a new sound that can best be explained as muffled "baseball card in bicycle spokes). I then noticed sparks starting to shoot out of the exhaust (never done this before). So I shut the mower down and called it a day. Any thoughts? I didn't really notice any new vibrations with the sound, and everything still seems to work. Just don't want to set the yard on fire. Thanks in advance!

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Well, you could have sheared the flywheel key and possibly damaged the blade hub. I would urge you to have this checked out if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself.

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Thanks, Tom. I just had the mower in for servicing last week, so I'm hesitant to take it back in and drop another chunk of change. But that may be what I have to do.

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Does the starter rope feel like its being ripped out of your hand when you pull it? The only time I've seen sparks come out the muffler is when the carb mixture is too rich.

Tom, when the key shears, does it retard or advance the timing. I'm thinking it advances it.

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