some GW stuff I got

PurplemoonAugust 13, 2011

I haven't been out "treasure hunting" in months. (lost my Dad in Feb and it hit me really hard, he left a huge hole in my life as well as my heart. But I need to get back to a new normal after the last year of taking care of him while he was bedridden).

I've been reading posts nightly, and trying to reply at times, but had nothing to contribute. Plus as Tinfoil knows, its hot enough to fry one's brain here now. Tho I must say, HIS works GREAT. Nothing slows down his creativity. LOL.

Anyway...I decided to hit GW and see what I could find.

Got some pretty bottles and metal stuff. The GWs here in Phoenix have gotten too high now on most things to make it really fun. Tho they do have half-off days every other Sat.

I like to make totems, so the bottles will probably be used

that way. Tho I don't need any more, I do need to use my current glass stash. (then I'll make just SMALL pot totems in the future I think.) Its hard to find pretty colors here, so I was thrilled at getting these, plus the bottles have neat designs and shapes I think. If you have any ideas what to do with these bottles besides totem bases, please let me know.

The metal tub tempted me to make a mini gnome or fairy garden in. (Thanks for the INSPIRATION, Arlene! Yours are so wonderful!) I couldn't resist the metal pig, he's a cutie.

Now I have NO clue what that metal snail was supposed to be used for. If anything. But I need to figure out making him some "deely boppers" so he looks better. Suggestions welcome since I can't weld and probably will have to just use wire some way.

hugs, Karen

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uh-o you better hide those bottles and the pig and don't forget to hide the snail.... don't let Kirkus see them. the pig and snail are adorable. Stuff the snail with the basket moss and let it go mossy?? I like him just the way he is the pig would be cute on a hose guide or in the window among the bottles :) You have a great imagination so I know you will come up with something. Missing a loved one is always so hard, as you said the hole is deep but let memories fill it, hugsssss to ya geeme

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Thank you, geeme.

I meant to add, I have a blue bottle tree and it has two empty spaces. So I was happily going to add these bottles,
only to discover the ones I have on the the 'tree' are cobalt blue and these aren't. They didn't look right at all. So still looking for two cobalt ones that will work.

It'd be hard to stuff the snail, all the openings on him are big. I kind of like him 'as is' too, except bugs me he doesn't have any antennae. LOL.

(Sorry Kirk, but you can't have this lil' piggy.)
hugs, Karen

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Welcome back, purplemoon.

Cool finds! You could make a second bottle tree with different colors.

The snail might have been a bottle holder. It's hard to see the detail, but if you can lay a bottle in there at an angle that's probably it.

if you want to fill something like that with moss, use sheet moss because it holds together.

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Better hide that pig and the blue bottles from me!!!!!!! LOVE all of your treasures but that pig is calling my name!!!! :o)

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Karen...You have wonderful finds. They are all adorable.


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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Love your treasures, The pig is too cute. The snail looks like a bottle rest. How about one of your *new* blue bottles? I also love your garden of blue. My favorite color!

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So nice to see you posting again. When you loose a parent you have been taking care of, it does leave a hole in your heart. The memories you made with him will help in the healing process. Thank God memories can never die or be taken away from you. I am sure you showed him such love and tenderness that he lived a happy life with you. His love will always surround you. You gave him and yourself such a great gift by taking care of him. Think of all the happy moments you shared with him. What a treasure!
I love your garden spot. It looks so relaxing. What comes in the bottles with the round bottoms. I haven't seen those before. They are really pretty. They give a softer appearance then the ones that go straight up and down. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

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The bottles on my tree are some kind of wine bottle but I don't know what brand. Several years ago I went in GW and they had a dozen of them! But they wanted $4 each! Half Off Sat was coming up, so I was there at opening time and grabbed all those bottles cause I knew I wanted to make a cobalt tree with them. I have two other wine bottles on the tree, and two empty spots. Maybe someday I'll luck up on 4 more of these.

I'll check the Snail and see if he's a bottle holder...I bet he is now that several of you mentioned it. I think he's just going to hang out on my patio, under the new pergola I had built a few weeks ago. Something I'd always wanted but couldn't afford (DH and I no longer able to build things like in our younger days). I got a small inheritance from my Dad, and since he LOVED sitting out in the yard, or being outside just as I do, this will be a good way to honor that love we shared.

hugs, Karen

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If the blue bottle fits then put a cork in the bottle and add two large nails and he has antenas!!! geeme

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Great finds, PM! & I am excited to hear about your pergola...what a wonderful memorial of your Dad ... & adding these GJ finds is perfect cause I know your Dad appreciated all your GJ projects & Holiday decor!

I saw that pig & thought like some of the others did...Kirk! It is really 'cute' far as pigs go! LOL! I think sheet moss would look good in that snail, too...whatever you decide, enjoy! You're doing that w/these 'finds' already! TFS! Jeanne S.

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We bought this house 6 yrs ago, and this slab was where the previous owners had a hot tub. Every
time I've looked at it, I've thought what a perfect place for a pergola.

Now my little dream has come true for it. I haven't really done much decorating with plants and GJ stuff
yet. Too blasted hot here.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I know it takes awhile to recover from the death of a loved one.

I LOVE the snail just like he is. And the pergola is fantastic. I wanted one for a long time for grape vines. DH made me one last spring. It's just a small one, not large like yours, but it suits my purpose.

I know what you mean by not being able to do the things you did when you were younger. We're at that stage also. My DH built 3 houses for us while working a full time job. Now we have been landscaping the yard of a new home for 3 years and we're worn out after planting a few flowers or shrubs. For the pergola he purchased 2 trellises for the ends, then built the rest. He can still putter around with the small stuff. We need some concrete poured outside our back garage door, but we're going to hire it done. Just too hard for him anymore.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

The bottles are awesome and how cute is that pig and snail?!! So sorry to hear about your father, but I'm glad to see you getting back to your old self. Besides, I'm sure that's how he'd prefer for you to be.

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Marlene Kindred

ALRIGHT!! Shopping therapy is always good! Love your bottles, your little tub and your piggy is just adorable. Love the snail too! He will look great in the garden!

And your pergola looks marvelous on your patio!

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I have a picture of a snail like yours(only my pic does have the antenna.Mine was just shown sitting in a garden and i thought it was cute and cut it out,hoping someday i would find one like it.Still havn't.

So having said all that,i'd just plop him somewhere in the garden.He'll look cute.

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I like your pergola!
I think one of my green bottles is just like yours.
I do love the blue ones-they are different.
My GW is TOO high too and they don't have any
half-price days!
Age catches up with us, and we can't do as
much--and I miss having Bill as my 'helper'.
There are just some things you can't do by
yourself! You need someone to hold 'the other
end'. Grin.
OH! My first thought about the snail was a
napkin holder, but I can't tell if it is the
right size for that or not.

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Gorgeous pergola, PM! Cooler days coming for you ahead...& then you'll be out & able to enjoy it! (& add more GJ if you like). TFS! Jeanne S.

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I love all the blue!!
How about buying one of those deely bobber (sp?) head bands and take the springs off and just spread the spring wide enough to slip on the snails head or if that won't work, cut the ends of the headband off and glue the center part to each side of his head. You might need to paint the headband part. Also, if you don't like the ends on the deely bobbers, just take them off, they're usually styrofoam, and put some beads on them.


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Hey Candy, its great to see you here! I like when my Holiday buddies and GJ buddies get together. ;o)
Thanks for the idea. The springs on some of the deeler bobbers might just work perfect. I was going to try to fashion something out of wire, but will see about this.

I don't think its a bottle holder afterall, if you go back and look at the photo....between the Snail's eyes, it a good place to rest a bottle neck. But the base of a bottle
falls thru where it would rest. And look real close at the lower part of the Snail, you can make out a small round 'ring' at the base between his two sides. Too small
for much use that I can tell.

Anyway, I think I don't want to put anything IN him.
hugs, Karen

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I know what you mean with GW prices! In our area they have gotten terrible. Some of the yard sales in the smaller towns around here are very pricey too....just takes all the fun out of thrifting, and junking when they do that:( I have 1 good will I can go to that is not too bad, and they are nice in there.

I LOVE the bottles, and all your treasures you found!:) Many great ideas, and as I am seeing I know you will come up with something to do with them all too. Good Luck to you, and have fun!:)


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