grass seedlings turning purple and white

jbutschMay 17, 2014

We live in Oregon and my husband just reseeded our lawn with a fescue blend. Most of the grass is coming up green, however some patches of the seedlings are coming up white and purple? We have a dog and wonder if him urinating on some of it before we could catch him, is causing this?? We are stumped. I've also read that overwatering could do this, as some of our grass in another area is coming up very thinly and there is a green-blackish covering it is trying to push through.


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The base of the stem of a tall fescue plant is a purple color. If the leaves of the plants are purple then you could be deficient in phosphorus, especially if you have a sandy soil. Leaves also turn purple when they are wilting. Urine will usually leave a baseball size dead spot with dark green plants growing around the outside. Check your soil test if you've had one done for phosphorus deficiency. The greenish black stuff is probably alge, happens a lot when reseeding a lawn especially shaded areas. The alge won't be a problem once the grass gets up and starts to tiller out it won't be a problem.

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