weeds and new seed question

Gurvy(6)May 15, 2014

Lawn less than a year old with contractor seed that did not take too well. Overseeded last Fall with Sun and Shade Mix. Then had sprinklers installed that tore the lawn in multiple areas and then this year had a problem with water damage and needed to regrade a part of the yard. Have a huge (approx 6000 sq ft) area that has been reseeded to fill in the regraded area. I also had placed Scotts Crab Grass Preventer in the entire yard (except for this recently reseeded area) in Mid April.
Have tons of weed all over the place, including crab grass, clovers and dandelions. Going to have grass cut this weekend finally. Is it ok to put down the Scotts Weed and Feed (Yellow bag) afterwards? Also want to seed the areas that the sprinkler guys tore up. What is the correct thing to do here and what order should I do it in?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

As luck would have it your problems caused you to do this completely bass ackwards. In order...you should get your drainage perfected first. Are you sure you will never have another water damage problem? Or do you need to remove more topsoil to get it right? Second you should install the sprinklers. Then seed.

If you need to remove high spots, now is the time. You're not going to have a great lawn this year. Maybe next fall, but it's too late for this summer. You can seed now but the crabgrass will fill in so fast your head will spin.

One thing you could do is seed more white clover. The clover should grow up tall, spread, and wipe out the crabgrass. Then all you have is clover to kill in August before you do the reseed. There used to be a guy on this very forum who managed a golf course just north of Lake Erie. The course was only used on weekends so he actually seeded clover into his course. Then on Friday he would mow it all down low enough to make it playable. The clover did more to enrich his soil than any fertilizer he could have used. Between that and proper watering (deep and infrequent) he turned that golf course into a money maker with happy players for the first time in years.

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The sprinklers have already been installed last fall...thats what led to the drainage problem after they hit the footing pipe and all the water damage happened in that one area. I think that water damage is done and no further corrections need to be made in that area. I will try the white clover and see if that helps with the weed issue. Thanks for the help.

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