How soon after applying pre-emergent crabgrass control can I...?

vinamore(z5 OH)May 13, 2013

I applied Scott's Halts Plus early spring as usual and now need to sow some grass seed in bare spots. How soon after applying this product can I sow seed? Thanks.

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It should say on the bag. I believe Halts requires 120 days after app. before seeding.

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I had this same issue, so I top-dressed the bare spots with as much topsoil as I could, seeded the heck out of it with way too much seed, and dusted a little more soil on top. I'm hoping at least a little of it survives, but we'll see.

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ponesy...please let me know how your reseeding goes. I was thinking about a similar approach to bare areas in my back yard. My Bermuda got hit hard last year with army worms and this year is a recovery year. I hit it with Halts about 60 days ago and was looking to reseed ASAP.

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I will- it's only been a few days & I think fescue & KBG take a week or 2 to germinate... which reminds me- I think Bermuda takes about 30 days to germinate, so keep that in mind- will be hard to keep it damp long enough for germination in the middle of summer. :/

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Fescue is about a week but KGB is much longer (close to 3 in my experience but I only seed in the fall and so temps likely affect this).

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My topsoil/seed/topsoil plan worked BEAUTIFULLY. Most of the seed germinated, except where rain washed the soil away entirely. I put down WAY too much seed, figuring that half of it wouldn't grow, but it did!
I've mowed it 3 or 4 times already and it has transformed our pitiful backyard. The fact that we've had tremendous amounts of rain helped, because I could never keep it as wet as Mother Nature does.

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