Weird Patch of Weeds

oukeithMay 28, 2014

Hello! Can anyone help me identify this? I bought the house (MI) last summer and it looks like the previous owners have not kept up the lawn. The patch is maybe 15 feet by 15 feet. It is under a tree. It seems to be spreading. I already tried some weed killer to mixed results but then decided to start digging it up instead, mainly just out of impatience. I dug up a lot, but there is still a lot there! I am going to throw down some seeds over the dirt it in the next week or so, but wonder if anyone has any insight about this. I have never seen anything like it.

The lawn is overrun by weeds in general including bald patches and lots of clover or creeping Charlie or whatever. Can anyone point me in the right direction with a link so I know what I should be doing to get all the weeds under control? TruGreen wanted an exorbitant amount of money and I figure I can just do everything myself. I am feeling inspired to make my lawn very nice.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Moss comes in many shapes and sizes. Hard to tell at that focus level and that distance.

What is your watering schedule (frequency and duration)?
Do you have shade in much of the yard?
How high/low do you mow?
When were the last 2 times you fertilized and what did you use?
What herbicide did you use on this weed?

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Hello, thanks for your response. I think you are right. I googled some images of moss varieties and it lolls like it could be stonecrop sedum acre. I bought the house last summer and did not fertilize until early May with weed and feed. A couple of weeks later I dumped some Weed B Gone on it. It didn't look like it did much to be honest. So I started pulling it up.

My guess is that the previous owners had this down at some point,, then put some grass down later. It is under a big tree so there is some shade.

I have not watered but it is something to think about going forward. Michigan was very rainy last year so I never bothered.

So assuming this is stonecrop, is there anything I should do to ensure this goes away and stays gone?

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stonecrop is not difficult to eradicate by hand pulling. I had some in my vegetable garden. It may take two springs to complete the job as you always miss a little bit of it.

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