Anyone PUSHING the mower fast instead of self-propel

astroturfmowerApril 14, 2010

Hi, Found the Honda HRX with cruisecontrol not fast enough for the way I would like to mow the large lawn. Wondering if anyone here might have experience and opinions with regard to the Honda HRS216PDA? I like the light weight 63 lbs, yet solid build, but haven;t used one or tried using a true push mower in many years. Thanks, Astro

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Personally, I think running with a machine that has a
sharp blade spinning at 3600 RPM, is not safe.

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What you need is Toro Personal Pace. It is capable of unbelievable top speed but also goes infinitely slow - it simply follows your speed. The technical explanation of how it does this is tedious, but because the belt is always slipping, the gear ratio has to be high to provide adequate drive at the usual mowing pace - if you were to use two hands, one on the fixed crossbar and one on the sliding handle to squeeze it all the way down, you would be looking at about 10 MPH. This condition would never be encountered using the mower at a normal pace or even a fast pace. I mention it only to illustrate the speed potential of the system. There is no way you can out-pace this system.

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I am 6'4" tall and couldn't outrun my Toro PP. Best self propelled system I have ever used.

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I have a Lawnboy with the Sense-a-Speed propulsion system. I like the fact that it is capable of propelling very slowly on the assumption that it is always better to take a little longer to cut the grass as opposed to suffering a heart attack.

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