Emerald Zoysia dead???

cody76May 6, 2014

I have an established Emerald Zoysia yard, but during the Winter (dormant) months we received a substantial amount of rain. Unfortunately, one section of the yard was subjected to an excessive amount of runoff and standing water. Now that area is brown and practically laying flat in the direction of the water runoff. I know Zoysia doesn't like standing water, so I'm wondering if this means that area is most likely dead, or if there's a chance it could recover. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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In your case, best to post a picture.

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Here's a picture of the area I'm talking about

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You're worried about the area encircled in the faint orange circle, right...not the rest of the lawn??

Yes it looks dead or afflicted by a fungus. Why does the area collect water? I mean obviously it is a low spot but can you bring it up with topsoil or sand so water doesn't collect there? Water can drain across it but it cannot stand there after the rains drain away.

Since there is some green grass in there, there is a chance it will recover. My experience with zoysia would indicate it will not recover this year but might next year if you can get it raised up just enough to keep the water flowing and not back up further into the lawn. Seems like a delicate balancing act.

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