tehutiAugust 24, 2011

The hand was made with a latex surgical glove. The best way I have found to curl the fingers and thumb is in a larger container filled with dry sand; the sand will hold the shape. After 2 days you can just rip the latex off.

The colors on these pieces are latex paints and the final coating can be polyurethane and/or wax after sanding the finish.

The bunny was cast from a jello mold and then the pot was formed around finished piece.

I am almost finished with my garden sphere.

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I saw your newest projects on the other post...really cool, Robert. Hope you are getting some buyers! Your work is one-of-a-kind! Thanks for the answers above. My DH also used the 'sand-in-the-bucket' tricket when he poured me a cement basketball for a ball fountain...worked great! One more question for you leave any part of your work in it's natural state (like the bottom) or do you paint & poly (or wax) the whole pc? Thanks! Jeanne S.

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Wow! thanks, you need a smooth cement to do that. I use mix of Portland & Morter cement for repairs, wonder if that would work! I have plenty of sand so next time I will give it a try. Jan

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Thanks, Robt. I may even have that bunny jello mold...I have a vintage copper one hanging up and the rabbit looks l ike the same one you used! Now you've given me an idea to try, if this blasted heat ever lets up.

hugs, Karen

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Am I missing something here? I do not see the pictures.....
***pouting*** I love pictures.

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atokadawn...The pictures are on the above posting, "Robert where are you". They are awesome. Love his work.


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