GS Fountain to be revitalized!

jeannespinesAugust 29, 2009

Hit a couple GS's yesterday and found a gem! It's a fountain that (the front has broken off)'s very heavy stone and came from Mexico, the lady told me...and I got the pump with it (haven't tried to see if it works yet)...anyway, a BARGAIN for $2 .... I set my dog's tennis ball in the pic so you can see the size:

Anyway, I plan on trying my FIRST mosaic on the front of this...if you mosaicers think that would work...with water running down the front of it! What do you think? Should be a fun project for the near future! Jeanne S.

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Heck yea! What a great find.
My thought would be use thinset and seal the snot out of it.
Good luck, and don't forget the pictures!

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That looks like very pretty stone. I wonder if you could mosaic the broken part with some matching stone tiles. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

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A blue waterfall with some flowers or tree shapes to the sides would be nice!! Go to mosaic forum for some great ideas, of course they all do such great work & make it look so easy. Just cutting the glass would do me in.- Oh, I guess I'm thinking stained glass. Saw a lady whip out a stepping stone in no time on some 7.2 Living well station yesterday.Of course it probably took the whole sheet of glass & can go to web site www. live well hd or hc .com It changed so fast I didn't get the last part. We had smoke coming through today, bad in morning but just a huge cloud in sky this evening but it is about 10 miles from us. Hope they get it out soon,tough on firefighters in 107 heat!! Will be looking forward to your new "treasure" I'm sure it will be beautiful as all your projects are. Jan

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Good score on the fountain...ohhhhh, the possibilities!!!
Jan...I sure feel for oh man!!! Remember last yr when Cait had to evacuate? YUK!

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Very cool for 2$.
I kinda like sunnyca's idea about the trees on the sides and a water fall in the middle.
Or I can see an abstract design with the water running over it.
Or you could glue a half bowl on and mosaic over the whole thing. Like those ancient fountains you see built into the wall. The water would collect in the bowl till it spilled over (I think, haha) Anyway, many possibilities. Fun to think about. Let us see what you decide on.
I have a much smaller but similar style one I found at the dump. Never thought about mosaicing it. I never have mosaiced but I've been thinking about it lately, too.

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Marlene Kindred

WOWEE!! What a score for 2 bucks!! It's going to be just wonderful when you get it finished!

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What a great find! You'll have so much fun with that. I too would use thinset. Have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing this one completed. You'll love mosaicing!

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Jeannes, I just posted this note on my BB thread since you'd posted your picture there too, but want to make sure you get this message. I'm not sure you need to even off that center by chipping. You don't want to lose that great fountain find to breakage. The surface doesn't look to be too much deeper in one place than the other. I think you could just build up the thinset in the lower places as you mosaic. I never worry too much about a mosaic being really flat. A little unevenness just gives it some texture.

Have fun!

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Thank heaven for GSs! What a score I think it would look great with some natural colored tiles and stones worked in with it, I know you will do it justice.

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I ditto what Daisey said!!!

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

2 bucks ..... wow ..... I'm soooo glad you were the right person to come along and find it! The stone is huge and nice ..... love it. ~tenderlee

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nursemaid4(P’cola, FL)

I can't wait to see what you do with it. You got an awesome buy.

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Great score! Yes, use thinset. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I know it will be spectacular since you are sooo very creative and talented!!

Sunny... hope all is well with you with those fires so near. So many people around here have fireplaces and at night you can smell the smoke from them and it sends shiver down me spine. My prayers are going out to you. Stay safe!!

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So jeannie..what did you finally do with it. I envisioned you gluing perhaps a ceramic sun or greenman face to it....?

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jeannespines "near future" project from last Fall is still sitting on my table in the garden shed...hopefully, will tackle it yet this summer! Everyone's so helpful here so I have no excuse...I've been working around that fountain & it's been calling...first must get all the weeding & mulching caught up...then more fun projects! Thanks for bumping this up ... a kind reminder. LOL! Jeanne S...the fountain is an awesome find!

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