what to use for weeds

gsts529May 20, 2014

I am using Milorganite as a fertilizer but need some weed control . Is it ok to use Scotts Turf Builder with Milorganite
I am very new at this and need all the good advise I can get

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rosemallow(z7 Md)

First of all I like Millorganite as a fertilizer.
When did you put it down? If you are too close to your install you can burn the grass with the Turf Builder.
I would recommend for the weeds a hose end feeder for weeds. I feel they are all good. Brands like Bayer,,Spectracide etc. work excellent.
The reason I like the hose end weed killers is because it gets on the weed and sticks to it.

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it is not a new lawn I have lived in this home over a year and the home is 30 years old
I used Scotts with haltz on April 11th but only 1/2 the recommended amount . I put down approx. 180 pounds of Milorganite on May 11th on Approx 9000 sq feet of turf. the Grass does show signs of improvement but I have some weeds

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ForsheeMS(Lexington, NC)

Your best bet is to first identify the weeds you have and then determine what type of weed killer you need to be effective. Spot spraying the weeds with the proper weed killer will work much better and also be cheaper. No offense but I would stay away from the Scott's products. The weed-n-feed is iffy as far as the weed killer goes. With that stuff you're paying more for their marketing program than you are for product.

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Could you recomend one brand . Could I also ask what brand of seed I should buy

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ForsheeMS(Lexington, NC)

Most any of the major brands of weed killer will work. I've had really good success with both Ortho, Spectacide, and even some of the brands from Tractor Supply. I buy the concentrate and mix it in a pump up sprayer. It would help if you post some photos of the weeds you need to get rid of so they can be identified and then someone can recommend the correct herbicide.

As far as what brand of seed, we need to know what type of grass you already have. On another note, right now is not the time to seed most types of grasses. The new seed will come up but die in the summer heat. Early fall is the best time to reseed. Where are you located? This will play a role in what type of seed. Get back with some photos and information and someone here will surely be able to help you out.

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Forshee is giving great information.

Just to echo what he is saying, identify the weed and then spot spray it. Better on the wallet and better for the environment.

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I suggest googling "Triangle Approach Weed Control" and reading up. Some EXCELLENT advice.

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