Bermuda Bible Question, for my new celebration

bayloraugustinerMay 6, 2012

As I said in another post, I had celebration bermuda installed about 4 weeks ago and it is as green as grass can get (I'm now beginning to shorten it down some with frequent mowing). After it was installed, I applied 10-20-10 starter fertilizer. The bermuda bible recommends a 3-1-2 or 4-1-2 be applied in the March-May period. Does recommendation apply for newly installed turf which has recently had the 10-20-10 applied? Also, do I want to begin following the June-August bermuda bible practices with the new turf?

Texas-weed, thanks for your response to my other post and for assembling such great and helpful information online in the bermuda bible. It is truly helpful.


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The bermuda bible recommends a 3-1-2 or 4-1-2 be applied in the March-May period.

No it does not say that, at least that is not the intention I was aiming for. The balanced application is to be made for the very first spring application in lieu of a soil test result, and it is one application only per year, All subsequent applications are straight nitrogen.

To answer your question from this point on it is straight nitrogen for the rest of the year. Then this Fall I suggest a soil test to see what if anything needs to be done next season.

With your application of 10-20-10 this year it is not likely you will need any potassium or phosphorous next season.

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Thanks again. So, if I'm unable to do a soil test for a while (though I may this summer) should I hold off on nitrogen?

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Can some one give me the best way to get rid of weeds in my Celebration Bermuda? I would also like a care schedule so I will know when and how to care for it. Thanks.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

3up, did you red the last sentence of the first post above?

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