Storm door GS find

shpnquen(z5, IN)August 27, 2010

At a garage sale in the middle of nowhere, I found 5 storm doors for sale at $5 ea. I asked the lady if she'd take $20 for all 5 & she was tickled to get rid of them all at once....that is until my DH told her what our plans were for them.

Two of the less than perfect ones might become trellises, but my sweet DH came up with the idea of an arbor with the other 3. I just love the way it turned out. I had 4 wrought iron corner brackets for a couple years now, jut trying to figure out what to do with them. I found the perfect use for them on this trellis. I'm still trying to decided to leave it the ebony & ivory colors or paint it all white. I'm leaning towards the white because it's pretty shady where it will be & it might be more noticeable being white.

Thanks for letting me ramble on. I'm just so tickled about the deal of the day for me.

I will post a picture of it tomorrow. It's dark here now, so I'll have to wait until morning.

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What a deal!! Jeanne's arbor came out great! Yours should look wonderful with the iron pieces!Jan

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Cool! It sounds great. Looking foreward to the pictures.

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You know, I was thinking of something along these lines myself. I figured a storm door would probably hold up better outside than a wood door. I would like to create a potting bench along the lines of jeannespines' but using a metal storm door instead. I can't wait to see your pictures for more inspiration!

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

Storm Door Arbor

I think I got the image in's been a long time since I've posted a picture here, but this is the arbor so far...still needs a coat of paint, but I love how it looks already. I want to have it white so it shows up better among the trees in the shade & my new garden shed is trimmed in white too. I'll have picture of THAT later! ;-)

We were even joking about making the arbor with a bench seat too, but I want it as an arbor.

I guess I need to go find Jeanne's arbor to see what hers looks like. I love the inspiration I get on here!!!

I also had a half barn door leftover from a deal (the full barn door is on one side of the shed), so DH suggested making it into looking like a gate, but it's actually stationary like a fence. That's what you see in the background with the colorful metal flowers on it. I hope to change out the look of it for the seasons.

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Marlene Kindred

Your arbor turned out BEAUTIFULLY! What a great deal you got on the doors and what a great idea! You should be really proud of it...looks very chic and very expensive too!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Oh my gosh! You sure have beautiful storm doors out there. Not what I was imagining at all. Marvelous!

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That is such a cool idea. Now I have to be on the lookout for these at sales too. I have been wanting to build a trellis and now I have to try this. THANKS!

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You are THE SHOPPING QUEEN! What a great buy! What a FANTASTIC idea!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! Now, I will have to haunt garage sales and Craigslist looking for screen doors. Hey, maybe my thrift store too...LOL..another reason to go there! This idea will inspire many! Thanks soooo much for sharing!!! Bear Hugs! Kirk

I'll attach the link to Jeanne's arbor. Now I have to make yours and hers!!! I get so inspired on our forum!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeanne's arbor

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Between these arbor posts and the shabbyjunk blog, I have developed a VERY serious case of "door envy". I'm kicking myself because a few weeks ago there was a Craigslist post for a bunch of old solid wood doors. I should have remembered Jeanne's arbor! Dang, I missed out on that one. I LOVE your arbor shpnquen. I agree that white or off white paint would make it show up better in the shadows.

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That is so cool!!!! Love it!!

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bverste(zone 5)

Not what I was imagining either, great idea. love it, and in white it will be great. did you make the metal flowers on the barn door? would love to know how those were made. great job by u and hubby! Bev

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jeannespines, you got a bargain & you went with it! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! That is one "classy" door arbor! Looks like wrought iron...I think it looks great as is but would also look great painted a lighter color! You & DH did great! How did you stabilize it to the ground?

And, the barnwood door, well, those are my passion! I love 'em...your's looks's a pic of one from a couple yrs ago & it's still going strong in my gardens:

GREAT RECYCLING, shpnquen (is that aka for "shopping queen"...cause you're sure wearing the "crown" on these GJ (art) projects! TFS! Jeanne s.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

Thank you all so much for the wonderful words that will encourage us to continue our junk hunts!! These ARE the kind of finds that keeps us loving the hunt too!!

The doors are hollow metal that does rust (yay!), but the scroll designs are actually aluminum.

Bev, the flowers were actually purchased at a fun & CHEAP store not far from us ($3-$5 ea.) & when I seen them, I couldn't resist. I should have bought more for those prices & I'm sure they're gone by now. They were going to go on the side of my garden shed, but DH suggested they go on the barn door & I loved the idea & went with it.

My plan for the barn door is to try to change it out for the seasons (another DH idea!)

Jeanne, I love your barn door creations!!! I even have a bouquet of faucet handles that I bought at a garage sale. DH has been on the lookout for metal flower decorations to some day make me flowers.

At the moment the arbor is not stabilized at all. It sits very well the way it is & he didn't even have to weld anything. He just screwed in the brackets at the top corners & it seems to be very secure. However, the door metal is hollow, so the openings on the sides will allow for him to place rebar up in the door, as well as deep in the ground. Hope that makes sense?? DH plans to place some treated 2x4 boards under it to keep it from coming in direct contact with the ground.

I will post pictures of the actual completed project, except that I now want to do a "cobble stone" path starting at the arbor. The good thing about that is the bricks will be free, since there is a pile of them in the woods from when the previous owners built our house.

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I love it! I have a bunch of old storm doors and screen doors that I hope to use to build a screened in porch on my studio. We have been spending a lot of time out there this summer and it would be so nice to have a porch to keep the skeeters out.

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love them!! haven't seen anything like that in my travels!! it looks great!

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I agree, it will look stunning in white! Love the pretty storm doors you found better as an arbor than on the house. lol! I like the addition of the pretty brackets too. What a great job you and your DH did!

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It looks terrific and can't wait to see it 'white'. Sounds like you and DH make a good team! That's cool that he's into it about as much as you are!

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

OK, I finally got it painted white!! I still need to fill in some of the holes & the ends, but for the most part, it's done & I love how it looks. It most likely won't be long before it starts rusting through too...LOL! I used at least a dozen $1 cans from Dollar General to paint this bad boy! I have to say that they only contain 9 oz. of paint compared to other brands & the spray nozzles will make a sore finger in short order.

This was easy to put together, once we decided how far the top door would overhang the side ones, he just lined up the holes of the brackets to the door, pre-drilled & then screwed them in with the existing screws from the door. This was definitely a low budge operation! LOL!

In case you can see, I switched out the larger metal flowers I had on the barn door fence for some maple leafs that are made out of twigs! I just HAD to have them & bought them at the local Blueberry Festival this past weekend. I mention them because someone on here might be motivated enough to try to make them.


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Very cool! I LOve it!
next year a paint touch up to stop the rust would be nice.
It really doesn't take too long with a low nap roller
and a brush with a can of outdoor enamel. I LOVE the leaves. I hate to be so selfish, but could you post a
close up of the leaves too? LOL

You done good!!!!!!!!! lol

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bverste(zone 5)

yes please a close up of the leaves and maybe of the metal flowers before. and it is beautiful as a white arbor, I can just imagine it with purple (my fav. color) morning glories, or clematis climbing all over. Bev

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Marlene Kindred

Your arbor looks GREAT painted! And I love the leaves, etc on the wall behind. It's going to look great in the garden and with some vines/flowers trailing up on it.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

Sure Kat! I just went ahead & took more pics of them since I couldn't get them to enlarge without distorting them.

Here is the barn door fence display:

Here is the twig leaf close-up:

Hope that helps, & if someone makes them, be sure to send me some! ;-)

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Wow, the arbor is very impressive in the white! Really beautiful. You sure got a good deal on those doors. Are they heavy, more like a security door?

Oh yes I noticed you had changed the flower to a leaf in the second picture. Those leaves are so unique and perfect for fall.

I like your scarecrow too. Have fun. Donna

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

That is such a great idea for an arbor. Three alike is a great find and you did such a good job with it. Love the fall display with the leaves too.

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beautiful! I wouldn't have been able to
pass up those leaves either! Very cool!
thank you!

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Wow, shpqueen!...I love it painted white! It definitely defines it space as an arbor! What a beautiful piece you've both created for a minimal amt of $$$...just think if you tried to buy one like this!!! And those brackets really make the arbor unique, too! GREAT RECYCLING!

Your barndoor vignette is quite lovely for Fall...I would have purchased those leaves, too! Love 'em...& your scarecrow on the cane pole? looks great with your barndoor & the colorful pots of mums call for Fall coming soon! All ya' need now is to add a wire basket of pumpkins & gourds in Oct.! LOL! (just an idea)...TFS your finished project...& the next time you spray paint so much, please invest in one of those "spray paint handles" that snap on top of the can...much easier as you pull a trigger...think they cost about $5 at Menards & re-usable again & again. Jeanne S.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

Thanks again everyone! Such kind words to keep me wanting to continue my junking ventures.

Jeanne, I have been looking for my large wire basket so I can purchase the pumpkins & gourds when my neighbor puts hers out for sale. I also am waiting on another neighbor to send me the extra bales of hay that he said we could have. They go for decor first & then the doggy's house after that. The scarecrow is one I've had for years. I don't care for the cutesy ones with the goofy faces. I like ones that look realistic, so I'm keeping this fella until he's no longer salvageable.

Oh, and I didn't find out about that spray can handle until AFTER I was done with the arbor & a friend told me about them. I might have to invest in one of those.

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