Another 'Barnwood Bloom' & Birdhouse

jeannespinesAugust 26, 2011

Finished this 'Barnwood Bloom' today & had lots of fun with it...I really like how it turned out...

Used old barnwood board & added 1 coat of Poly,

a gas stove grate & stained glass candleholder (both TS finds), (pound in staples & a screw)

a piece of rod from a broken patio umbrella,

the 2 leaves are cut from 2 shelf brackets (DH had to cut them off for me)...

& GE Silicone II w/a marble for the flower center,

& added a couple eye screws & wire to the back so it can be hung or free-standing.

waaa-laaa... a beautiful 'Barnwood Bloom!'

I like how the grate frames it... like you're looking thru a window!

Also wanted to use this 'hummingbird' GS find ...from a windchime, I think DH cut out this birdhse (heavy duty old barnwood) & we assembled...I painted it gray & added some 'Hammered' spray to the will look nice hanging somewhere for somebody! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Lovely all (as always). But...
I really COVET that hummingbird.
(just confessin' here)


bless ya

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Jeanne that flower is beautiful. What a wonderful piece you and DH created.
And yes, that hummingbird is from a windchime.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne...That flower is absolutely beautiful! The hummingbird bird house is so pretty. You are so creative. Thank you for sharing.


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I ALWAYS like your blooms and birdhouses!!!

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Marlene Kindred

Your barnwood blooms are always beautiful! LOVE them all! And your birdhouse with the hummingbird is just too cute. I don't know how you ever sell any of them....I'd want to keep them all.

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I'm in love with that "bloom" ........ !!!! Everything just fits together perfectly . The birdhouse just screams "FOR WREN-T" !

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Absolutely Wonderful (as usual) I don't know why I am surprised to see you do another beautiful bloom. If you want to know a secret, I always run to your posts first.Keep up your creativity

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Thanks, GJers, for you kind comments.
DH & I enjoy old barnwood & I do have lots of birdhouses here on our acreage..this one sold Sat morn at FM & it went to a good home!

I had 3 diff interested 'lookers' on the Barnwood Bloom...may be in my gardens yet! LOL! I'm thinking about trying a birdhouse w/one of those gas stove grates...I got 3 of 'em this past yr at a TS (one is cracked thru). Thanks, again! Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

The grate was a very creative choice. I love how it looks.

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Love the simple lines of the birdhouse, so sturdy & with the little hummmer so sweet! The gas grate is great in bringing out the beauty of the flower & neat leaves. Everything always looks better on barnwood, I love it! Jan

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Just love that barnwood bloom! I happen to have that hummer windchime and the cord happens to be broken......and so now I don't have to resting it. You used it in such a clever way!!

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