I think my grass seed is dead, now what?

JulieKayMillerMay 14, 2014

HI! ^_^ So I wanted grass lol! Never tried it before now, but figured Id give it a go. But, I think I may have killed the seed before it even had a chance. :( Im afraid I didn't water it enough to begin with, and Im pretty sure I over seeded (see picture).

Used Scotts Turf Builder Pacific Northwest Mix which says it will germinate in 6-10 days. It has been 3 weeks, and still no grass.

So first I laid down some basic top soil, raked it, seeded, raked it, seeded, raked it, and seeded again, then fertilized and watered.

Only watered it 1-2 times a day for the first week, now am watering it 3 times a day hopping it will grow. But its not doing anything, and Im afraid its dead.

So now what do I do now? Should I wait a few more weeks and see if anything happens? Should I till up the soil and start over? /sigh Im so confused and would appreciate any help!

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I hope someone answers, because I am almost in the same boat. If not watered enough at first, does the seed just stay dormant, or does it die?

I keep thinking it should be no different from winter sowing. That it should stay viable until the soil conditions are right.

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Seed only needs two things to germinate: moisture and temperature. Ballparkish: daily lows should be consistently above 50 degrees.

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yep I know that, but what if it doesn't grow, at all. What do I do then?

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Are you saying that for the past 3 weeks night-time temps have not dropped below 50 degrees? That you have not had any percentage of germination? That you have only kept the seed moist, not soaked which may cause the seeds to rot?
Then most likely your seed was bad. Either due to poor storage or it was very very old. If you still have the bag, check the test date.

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"what if it doesn't grow, at all. What do I do then?"

I guess I keep missing your point. Sorry. The only solution I can think of is the obvious: buy new seed and re-seed.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Was the seed rolled down or walked on? It appears to be sitting on top of the soil rather than embedded into it. Getting good seed to soil contact is important because that soil will keep the seed just the right moisture level to germinate.

The only time seed would go bad (assuming it had not been baked somehow) is if it germinated and then you withheld water. Your seed is not yet germinated.

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I agree dchall, I have never seen seed that didn't have some percentage of germination, but you didn't answer the implied question: Under ideal temperature and moisture conditions, why wouldn't at least some seed germinate? Based on the OP's post, soil contact for moisture maintenance is not an issue as the OP mixed some seed into the soil and spread some on top.

Edit. Just an afterthought. Where did you get the soil that you used? Do you know What that soil's history is?

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