Skunk digging holes for grubs

citywormMay 1, 2010

I have a problem with a skunk that diggs holes in my lawn overnight for grubs.

Does anyone know of any organic way to get rid of the grubs so this skunk will stop digging in my lawn?

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I have the same problem. Last week I added grubex into my lawn. Two nights ago I saw a skunk on my yard and did not pay attention on it but yesterday I saw many holes and digged grass on my lawn. I belive that was a skuk too;;) I did not heart any facts how to get rid of him and i am pretty sure that i won't trap him;d We have to wait for someone who resolved this problem without additional problems xD

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Skunks can be trapped in a hav-a-heart trap that is wrapped in black plastic. As long as the skunk doesn't see the danger, supposedly they don't spray. Letting him out of the trap might be a little tricky. I'm not sure how they do that.

Depending on where you live, grubs are handled differently. If you live in the south then beneficial nematodes are the organic choice. Spray when the soil is very moist from a recent, multi-day, rain storm. If you live in the north, then several years of multiple applications of milky spore seems to work better.

Otherwise the skunks are a great organic way to get rid of the grubs ;-)

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Yes I thought about a hav-a-heart trap but couldn't think of away to let it go without the skunk spray.
You are right about skunk is an organic way to get rid of the grubs but I am tired of filling the holes.
I might need a hav-a-heart trap anyway cause I have a ground hog living under my neighbors shed that likes to eat my veggies and young flowers.
I wiill try milky spore for the grubs. Thank you

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If you live in the City, they may lend you a have a heart trap and even come fetch the trapped skunk for you...I asked about the removal as I couldn't see anyone wanting that job and apparently they use tranquilizer darts to knock the skunk out first.

I don't know if its armadillos or skunks digging up grubs in my front yard, but I see it as a plus: free grub removal and aeration at the same time! Maybe once I get a proper grass lawn growing I'll feel differently.

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cityworm, you said you have holes in your yard. If the holes are relatively small and deep, then you probably have a squirrel problem, not a skunk. Skunks generally tear up the top layer of turf, just to get to the grubs. Both critters can do major damage, but if you have squirrels then you can put your traps out early in the morning, since they aren't nocturnal.

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tiemco, I thought at first it was squirrals but I came home several times late night and saw the skunk digging.He/She diggs some neat holes though.Maybe the squirrals should take some lessons on how to dig without making a big mess.

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