Shade Grass Seed Mix

cdw1982May 3, 2012

My backyard is moderately to heavily shaded, and I have just laid a shade mix that I obtained from my local nursery. The shade mix contained Kentucky Blue Grass, Perenial Rye, and Creeping Red Fescue. After doing some research it appears that this is not much of a shade mix at all. Am I missing something or does Kentucky Blue Grass just not belong in a shade mix. I have already heavily seeded my backyard and now I'm considering going back with a different seed that is an actual shade mix. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I think the mix was evenly proportioned between these grasses. Any help on what an actual shade mix is would be helpful. Thanks!

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That mix is a poor shade mix. Perennial rye is the least shade tolerant, yet you will find it in most mixes because of it's quick germination, makes you think the seeds you bought are good. It has no business in a shade mix. Most KBG is not very shade tolerant. There are a few exceptions, but on the whole, KBG really shouldn't be in a shade mix. Creeping red fescue is very shade tolerant, and it spreads, although very slowly. What will probably happen with that mix is it will look good for a few months, then thin out over time. The CRF will remain, but you will probably be left with bare spots (Be aware that not all CRF is the same. Boreal CRF is basically generic CRF, there are better varieties that have better color and performance). For shade, in Missouri, you should be looking at all fine fescues, and some of the more shade tolerant tall fescues. Now your definition of shady might be different than mine. How much sun would you say your lawn receives on an average cloudless summer day? If you get 3-4 hours of sun, then you could go all tall fescue, but stick with the most shade tolerant cultivars.

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Can you send some links to products you think may be good? My grass does NOT get 3-4 hours of sun...

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ApprenticeGardener(7b or 8)

@minharopaola--I have the same conditions and posted last July with basically the same question(s). The responses indicated, correctly, to try a groundcover. I;m awaiting a shipment of vinca minor 'Illumination' since the area I will be planting will not be subject to foot traffic. There are, however, "walkable" shade groundcovers also. Best Wishes--Carl [Atlanta, GA]

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Try a no mowing grass -it does very well in all but full shade.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shady Lawn

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