Remote control lawn mowers

forensicmomMay 8, 2010

I have a new neighbor that moved in back in the fall. He has a completely landscaped 1/2 acre and he has NOT done anything to it. There were NO leaves cleaned up last fall.

He does have a little remote conrol lawn mower that makes the yard look like a jig saw puzzle. He laid wire out, however he is about 20' in from the property line so I have about 2' tall grass growing next to my nice lawn.

It is always getting stuck and never cuts certain areas. I think it's called a "Lawnbot". Does anyone have any luck with these? I figured for the time he spends trying to get it unstuck and laying wire, he could have cut it really good many times.

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Ain't much you can do, except make yours look really nice, and folks will naturally be drawn to the sight of yours, in contrast to his rotten looking yard!
His novel mower is probably an experiment. He'll get discouraged when it finally quits on him.

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Pictures would be great! Throw a few rocks in his yard and see if the robot can find them.

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I think he would have gotten better results with a robot mower designed like a random sweep pool cleaner. You may want to suggest that he consider the purchase of a tractor with a hay mowing attachment.

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