Mowers with a Briggs I/C engine

fredmertz(NW Indiana)May 17, 2011

Just wanted to know if Sears or any other manufacturer has a rear wheel drive mower with a Briggs I/C engine. If so, what name do they call it these days? Thanks.

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UHHHH--Power plant? Maybe "MOTOR"? Uhh--they call the tractor--"Craftsman!" Ohh! Self-propelled, maybe? ;o) RJ

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As far as I know (and I could be wrong), Briggs no longer offers an I/C version of any of their side-valve ("flathead") engines for use on walk behind mowers. To get an I/C version, a mower manufacturer has to use an engine from Briggs' OHV "Professional Series" line.

I don't know if any mower manufacturers currently use an I/C version of one of Briggs' OHV engines.

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fredmertz(NW Indiana)

rustyj14.............Take your meds.

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I looked at the B&S site and did not see a commercial single-cylinder vertical shaft of any kind. The hot ticket in commercial engines is the Honda GSV160 and 190 - basically a GCV on steroids. Then you have the Kawasaki FJ180 and the other Honda commercials (GXV). I think that's it.

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