Bare/Low spots fill question

notesMay 2, 2014

Bare & low spots. Eastern Iowa. Think I have my seed figured out, and will probably wait until fall. But - what fill to put down in the bare spots? There�s some compost that says 1 bag will do 1000 sq.ft.. Don�t think I want that. Not sure if I want the local compost available at land fills. Bagged topped soil? Cow manure? I dunno. Thanks.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

For low spots you need something like soil or sand which has permanent volume. Compost and manure are organic and will completely disappear in a year or so leaving zero residual volume.

Bare spots don't necessarily need soil unless they are low and hold standing water after a rain. It is best to determine why the area is bare and work on, or with, those conditions.

For compost on a lawn 1 cubic yard, not 2 cubic feet, is normal. A bag is 40 pounds. A cubic yard is 700 pounds.

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