Best lawn mower for bermuda grass

tiredofweedsMay 14, 2011

Getting ready to sod my lawn with bermuda and needed recommendations for the best reel mower for the money. I have looked at both self propelled and push models. I just dont want to shell out $800 and buy a dud when $250 push mower is just as good. Thanks for any input.

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I have been doing a lot of looking at reel mower options for Bermuda. I'll add a couple of links (I hope right) that discuss reel mowers.

The one that seems to be the winner is one made by the Amish called the Mascot Silent Cut that comes in an 18" and 21". A little pricier than most reel mowers (which most won't do a good job on Bermuda) but gets accolades for Bermuda. They also mention one from Scotts and American.

Really good articles and reviews. Hope it helps.

P.S. if you have a large yard you may want something motorized or a gang reel pull set-up.

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wrager(Z5 OH)

I just purchased a Mascot after trying a Brill, McLane 10 blade motorized, Tru-Cut 20" motorized and a cheap chinese version from Target. The motorized versions just didn't work on my bumpy, steep sloped terrain. The Brill was good until late in the season when the turf got really thick. Then it was too difficult to push, despite using it 3x a week. The Mascot is very heavy so I like it the best by far. I'll let you know come August.

I just installed 500 sq. ft. of new sod. It is so bumpy, I wouldn't even try to use my reel mower. I use my Honda rotoary for now. Once I level it, I will use the reel.

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