Mower handle bar 'stop' bent

LaurinKMay 2, 2011

I have a Scotts walk-behind mower I bought off of e-Bay. The motor works fine but the handle bar "stop," the thing that allows you to tilt the front end and make a turn, does not stop the handle any longer on either side. So, when I push the handle bar down it goes all the way to the ground and the mower does not tip. I tried wrapping wire around the area but it didn't hold. Any suggestions?

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Check where the top section bolts onto the bottom section of the handlebars. See if the rounded part is splayed out. This is caused by not unscrewing the hinge bolts far enough when folding the handle bars for hauling or storing. Best way to fix it is to take it apart and squeeze the sections back to the half-round look. I do them in my bench vise. A large hammer and a red brick will suffice if you can't take the bars off. Put the brick on one side and pound greatly with the large hammer on the other side. And, don't smash yer fingers on the bar or the bolt!

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