Drat there are bugs everywhere

tehutiAugust 12, 2010

This guy was hiding in the garden woodpile.

And this spider was hiding against the white wall of the shed and was only discovered by pure accident.

Actually the spider was once part of a milk glass lamp and a wood draw pull.

The Doodle Bug: I must confess, I bought that little bottle for a buck at Wal****.

Hope you like 'em.


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garden2garden(z8 FL)

What an exquisite little white spider. Is she hanging from her spinneret? I can think of a lot of places that would look good (like at my house, lol). I couldn't think of part of a milk glass lamp that looked like that, then it dawned on me it might be the finial? Is the black one's knob the handle of a rubber stamp? That's what it reminds me of. Are these guys both that small? Hard to tell the scale, and I don't know how big the bottle is. The dark one I thought at first looked kind of evil, but if he's just a little ole thing, I guess you're right, he's just kinda doodly. (I was just thinking, old salt and pepper shakers might make cute little bottle bug bodies) These are fun.

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The spider is only 8" and yes she is hanging. I tried a "new" technique to hang these little critters. I unwound an old bicycle brake cable - boy those strands are strong. If you paint a single strand with flat black paint it will absorb the light and just disappear.
The Doodle Bug is only 9" from the back leg end to the nose. The little bottle is only 4". It was sitting all alone on the shelf in Wal**** and had such character I just about knew where it would end up.


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very talented!!

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Bicycle brake cable. Strong. Weatherproof. Springy, right? When I first started seeing those garden 'sparklers' I knew I had seen that kind of wires somewhere in junk but I couldn't think of where. I don't have an old bike around right now to check, but I think that's what I was thinking of. Thanks, Donna.

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That one hiding in the garden woodpile must have left from here! He looks like one that would be disturbing to come across unexpectedly! LOL! Glad that bottle called to you at Wally! The milk glass spider must be a "she"...her texture looks very exquisite for a spider! Thanks for the brake cable idea! Jeanne S.

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Very cute Robert! Luv them both! Boy, You are just pumping out the goodies! I need some of that inspiration!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

I just love the first one. He is just adorable :0!!!
What a fun thing for the garden. They are the cutest ones I've seen. tfs.

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The first one is scary looking but i'd gladly put it in my garden! The white one is adorable. Keep showing us your imagination, cause it's wonderful.

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Those are great,tfs

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I love the white spider! But then the Doodle bug is awful cute. You will have me looking at household items differently from now on, Robert! lol! How did you attach the legs?

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Wonderful work, so cute and so well done.

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Marlene Kindred

LOVE the milkglass spider...she looks so elegant! And the doodlebug is great too! Robert, you're a genius!

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SO cute, both of them, but especially the white one. I have the same question about the legs.

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Here ya go Laura,

First the Doodle Bug
The small bottle is glued to the wood body with AleeneÂs® Platinum Bond Glass and Bead Slick Surface Adhesive. I will never be without that product. Anyway the legs were inserted into drilled holes in the wood body and the wood base: the tension helps hold everything in place until the glue sets. The base was stained (painted with food color and sanded), textured with Spackle, stained again, sanded lightly, and sealed with polyurethane.
The White Spider
8 thin steel rods were welded to a washer and formed as legs. The threaded pipe that is used in lamps was sized and a double threaded stud (one end wood screw thread the other metal thread) was affixed to one end with JB Weld. The mandibles are small pieces of steel rod inserted into drilled holes in the wood draw-pull. The threaded pipe was screwed into the draw pull, the washer with legs was added, then the glass body and finally a lamp finial. A single strand of bicycle brake cable was attached to the pipe before the finial and the spider was complete.

Sounds simple; huh? Well now that I have it completed it is.

Calamity, I am trying to get 50 pieces ready before Fall. So far I have 40. I will then spend the early Fall deciding on final names and prices. If all goes according to plan IÂll open an account on Yessey Online Art Gallery.

Oh BTW anyone wanting to capture these pictures needs to do it before October as I will be moving all the pictures on Photobucket and all the links will be lost  sorry.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Wonderful! I'll have to check out Yessey auctions too.
Good luck. I'm sure you will do well, your creations are so unique and appealing.

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WOW! You are so creative. They're beautiful. Hope you do real well with the auction. You deserve it!

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