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western_ncMay 1, 2011

I've just redone my lawn with a seeded verity of bermuda and it's coming in great. I have a few beds of mostly Hino type Azaleas, trees, Junipers and border type hedges. These beds do not have borders I just use an edger and round-up to keep the beds in a neat shape. I plan on doing the same with my new lawn. I also know that I will have to do a little more maintenance inside the bed to keep the bermuda out as it creeps from underground. My question is if I spray Ornamec on bermuda creeping in let�s say a foot into my bed will it hurt any bermuda that's in my lawn? My thinking is that if a runner is coming from a bermuda plant from in my lawn spraying it with Ornamec will kill the connecting plant. Is this correct, or am I over thinking it. Thanks guys.

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

It should not as Fluazifop-P-butyl kills what it touches, like round up. I have used this on my shrubs and works great. If I am not mistaken, it does not travel down the stems, only up, thus only killing what it touches.

I also mix it 5:1 with triclopyr and use this on my zoysia to kill dallisgrass and bermuda. This mixture works wonders.

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