Do I need to remove sand from pool area before putting topsoil?

p_bishopp28May 31, 2011

We removed our 24' above ground pool and what is left is a circle of sand. The level is about 1-2" lower than the sorrounding lawn. My question is does all that sand need to be removed or can I spread topsoil on top of it and re-seed the area? How deep should the topsoil be in either case? Thanks for your help.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

The sand was used to protect the bottom of the pool - as you probably already know. There is no other reason for it. I use sand instead of topsoil in my garden, but that's me. Some disadvantages to sand are that it holds no fertility or moisture. If you put topsoil on top, when the roots grow down into the sand, there will be very little to keep them there. Not sure how that would pan out. I guess I'd be inclined to pull out the sand and replace with topsoil.

The new surface should crown a little on top to allow for settling. Otherwise in 3 years when the new topsoil has settled, you'll have a swamp.

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If it were me, I would spread topsoil over the top of the sand, then use a garden rake to incorporate the sand and topsoil together. And as dchall wrote, crown the surface for future settling.

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