Growing grass where above ground pool used to be...?

growingirl(5a)May 28, 2011

Hi from northerm Illinois,

Our lawn is a KBG/fescue mix.

Last year we had a 12 ft. inflatable pool set up. We took it down last fall and decided to fix the grass this spring.

This spring my hubby threw down some topsoil (2 bags) and a mulch, fert, seed type product and depended on our rainfall to water it. :(

The 5 ft. in the middle is coming in grass (sparse) but the rest of the entire diameter of where the pool was is thick crabgrass.

I sprayed it with crabgrass killer, and some of it has died.

How can we fix this? We're lawn dummies, so laymans terms would be great!

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garycinchicago(Z5 Chicago IL.)

A 12 foot diameter is 1 hours work using sod.

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Thank You for your response!

I hate to ask more questions but...

We have to dig up all of the circle or just the area where the dead crabgrass is?

I'm afraid that laying sod down would make the lawn really uneven in that area. Would it? Can we put seed down?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

No seed this time of year. Fall is the best time for seed. Early spring is a distant second place for best time of year. Early summer (now) is pushing it. As you have seen, the crabgrass loves it when you try to grow other seed in the spring.

Sod is the only solution for this time of year. You only need to get rid of the grass where the sod will go. It will be slightly uneven due to the sod being cut from the ground unevenly. It will vary by about 3/4 inch max. Eventually it will settle out and be closer to even. You can level it with a coffee can and some sand once the grass is established.

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Thank You very much! : )

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