rainydaywoman_z8(8)August 23, 2010

Does anyone have a quick method of removing labels from wine bottles? I'm trying to get a new bottle tree made in a week. I was trying to hold out for a blue-bottle tree, but somehow, I just can't find enough, so now I'm using whatever I can find.

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I just score them and soak them in soapy water most of the time it works .When it does not I scrape what is left with razer blade .Then clean up goo b gone or windex.

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This will sound weird but I have used nail polish remover too. Just be careful of what you use it on so it doesn't remove the color too. It doesn't work on lucite (clear or colored plastic) either (scratches it).

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Soak and scrape, soak and scrape, then use goo b gone and nail polish remover on the residue.

If you continuously scrape off the wet part of the label the water will get to the dry underside part faster. Some labels are stuck harder than others, but they will all eventually come off.

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Goo gone is great stuff. Works really well.

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ladycraft(6b MO)

I agree with soak. I use hot water.

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Yes...soak in hot water, scrape, soak, scrape... I've also used WD-40 to get some of the sticky glue off. :o) Good Luck! Bear Hugs! Kirk

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I soak in hot soapy water, using Dawn with Powerscrubbers in it and it works wonderfully!!! Can also use a non-abrasive scrubby pad on it for the glue if you get too antsy lol

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spedigrees z4VT

I let Mother Nature remove the labels from my bottles. It takes about a year. There are so many pretty wine labels out there that I am usually sad to see them go.

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I use a wallpaper scorer, the kind you use to get wallpaper off your wall? It helps to do that to the bottle before you soak it, it only takes 1/2 the time that way!

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I use non-stick spray, like Pam, after I score it with an exacto knife. You can also use liquid fabric softener mixed 50/50 with water in a spray bottle (also good for removing wallpaper).

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I like to fill the bottles with HOT water with them sitting in the kitchen sink. Just leave them alone for awhile. This warms up the glue and most times the label will peel right off bringing the goo with it. Just have patience and remember to remove the label while the bottle is still pretty warm, peeling from a corner.


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Soak in hot water with Dawn soap, score the label first...then if I have any glue residue left, I spray "Pledge" furniture polish on it...let sit& then wash off. Works for me...thanks for all the other ideas in this post, GJers. Jeanne S.

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