Baby on lawn?? please help!

deweybladesMay 14, 2014

My husband put out lesco weed and feed about 3 weeks ago. It has rained several times since then. My 1 year old loves to play on the front lawn but he told me to keep her off of it for a while, he just isn't sure how long to wait.
I saw a turtle out there the other day and moved it so it wouldn't get hit by car, and that evening my husband found it dead in our front yard. Do you think the weed and feed killed it? Apparently, it is pretty powerful stuff.
So, should I never let her out on the front lawn again? She loves to play out there. I hate for this chemical to keep us from playing out there together :/ plus, it is the only way she truly gets to run around since our house is so small. Please help.

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hi there, first off don't worry, your child should be fine from the weed and feed. There are directions on the package that tell you how long to keep off of it. if i remember correctly it's about 2-3 days, depending on amount of dew or after a good rain you should be fine.

3 weeks and having rained several times, all the active ingredients should be well into the soil by now, be sure to read the directions to verify this is correct, or do an internet search for the manufactures instructions and it will make you feel better.

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he told me to keep her off of it for a while, he just isn't sure how long to wait.

So .. didn't he read the directions before applying the product?

The amount of time you need to stay out of the area will be stated on the packaging.

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I have read the back of the bag and do not see it. He didn't's weird. No one knows.

Thank you bs412bs, Im sure you are right....That turtle just freaked me out.

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Rain is slightly acidic and very soft water - it dissolves chemical, grand canyons etcetera very effectively so you are probably good.

The amount of pesticides and herbicides used on lawns is generally many times what is used on commercial farms in the US and while you are 'safe' now, perhaps it would be worth trying out natural products on your lawn. I decided to do that about five years ago after getting sick one day after walking around the yard all day. I started looking at all the labels and with a science background and google I was surprised at just how many toxins were getting added to the yard.

Disclaimer - I'm a walking oxymoron - an organic gardening conservative and pragmatist.

As a pragmatist, I acknowledge that chemicals work better for things like killing weeds in the yard but natural works better on everything else. I also have a toddler who I like to let run around on my perfectly manicured grass and the second I get home I am out of the suit and dress shoes and running around the yard barefoot. We absorb stuff through our feet. Try chopping and standing on an onion or clove of garlic for a few minutes - you will taste it.

I got curious and more aware of stuff like the chemicals we use every day and ingest after I fought and won a little scrape with cancer. I don't reject all chemicals and poisons. When I see a black widow here in texas I use poison on it only because I don't have nukes :-). If I have more of a nasty weed like nutsedge or crabgrass than I care to pull I will use MSMA but that is nasty stuff - the A is arsenic... but I don't apply poison to 100% of the yard to address something covering 2% of it. better to spot spray and use very little...

A couple bags of the organic and organicish fertilizers on the yard and a bit of molasses in the hose end sprayer to water it in and the yard does better than it would with the chemical stuff and I can walk on it barefoot while doing it....

More than you asked but something to think about. Having a toddler the same age I don't plan to shield him from exposure to every chemical forever but when it comes to the lawn you don't need most of them and can use much much less of the others without losing the benefits so why not?

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