Great potting bench with picnic table!

sunnyca_gwAugust 8, 2011

Does anyone get "This Old House' magazine? July 2011 issue page 15 has such a neat & easy potting bench to do out of that old redwood picnic table & benches. Tarja Varis of Redwood city Ca. came up with it & I think it looks terrific. I have the magazine my friend loaned me but I don't know how to show it. Does anyone have it to show others that might have a picnic table sitting around collecting dust out back? The benches are stacked on top(of each other) on the table so that makes 2 shelves. She added end boards that look to be 1 in.thick by 10 or 12 in. wide by height of the table plus each of the 2 benches plus the 3 -2x4 by about 30-36 in. long stacked (stacked 3 high these are attached to bottom of table legs for stability & so bench is comfortable height to work from. She completed it by putting some pieces up & down on back that are 1 in. thick by 5 or 6 in width in 4- 5 places.Everything screwed in place! Looks very functional & hope someone has the magazine & can post the pic.!On the ends she added a couple of hooks for hanging things up, like small tools! Classy recycle job, that is for sure!! Jan

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I saw that bench and thought it was so innovative and imaginative. If I ever see a free table set on craigslist, I'm going to snatch it up and copy it.

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That sounds really neat and it would be a great size. Would take up lots of space but sure would give a nice spacious work area.

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is this it

Here is a link that might be useful: bench

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Yep, that's it. Isn't it great? Thanks joy :)

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That's really cool. One more thing to add to the list of things I tell people to call me if they see on the side of the road.

Thanks for sharing!

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I like that, ALOT!!

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Omigoodness. Can ya'll believe I've been looking at the very setup in my dad's shed for 30+ years and never *SAW* it?! (I'm so ashamed...really, I don't deserve the title of GJ'er). I rescued it from the pile sis & bil had loaded for the dump last summer when we were cleaning out my parents' house to put on the market...along with some scrap lumber.

God bless yer lil pea-pickin heart, sunnyca. I could kiss you! You've just mapped out my weekend and given me a great way to remember my dad. We spent many, many happy hours in the garden diggin in the dirt & creating GJ together (much to my mom's horror, lol).

*sniff* THANK YOU!

blessings in abundance,

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Joy333 Thanks for finding it! Yes, that is the 1 & wish I had my old set back, but it was gift to DD after she married & it has been around all of his family so hard telling where it is now. Mine was the 1967 version which was very heavy so I imagine it is still going strong in someone's kitchen or back yard. She painted it white but I think it would look great any color. Diggery-so glad you can make use of 1 from your dad! You made my day! Actually my folks have 1 over at their house so I doubt anyone will want it after they are gone so I might end up with it then & that would be great memory of them. Dad was a great gardener, he could graft trees & get 5 kinds of apples,he's stick a rose branch in a bucket of water & soon was planting it.I'm tending his stuff now since he only sees it when we go to dr or looking out the window. Post a pic when you are finished. I think the star on the end is so neat but would be fun to see how others finish them off!! Great that all you need is paint, boards,drill & screws & some pots & finishing touches. Wonderful for those that can't build a box & have it end up square!!LOL Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

So simple and seems so obvious once we are shown.
A picture is worth a thousand words truly.
TFS both of you!

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What a great idea. I was having trouble picturing it in my head....and as said...a picture IS worth a thousand words. Gotta put that one on my list too! Boy that list is getting pretty full!

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Thank you, joy, for posting the link to the pic. (misplaced my manners in my excitement 'scuse me, please). Been studying that pic today. Dad's was 'dry-stacked' (no screws) & was up on concrete blocks to make it counter-height & comfortable to work on. He had two rubbermaid storage tubs tucked underneath which stored soil & fertilizer & hooks screwed on the underside of the upper bench to hang his hand tools. 'Course this set-up was inside his shed so the back wall provided support. Still smacking myself upside the head cuz I never really *saw* it, lol.

Jan, your dad sounds like mine. When sis & bil built their house, dad presented them with 3-gal size foundation shrubs rooted from cuttings...WHICH the nursery said couldn't be done, lol. Ohhhh, how I miss him.

I'll post pics when I'm done. Won't have to spend a cent for this project, hehe, but foresee a'discussion' with hubs over the paint color. He likes the pic but I'm feelin frisky. Got the pale yellow paint on hand but also got some some [soft] turquoise. Do I dare?

bless ya's

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Go for it, diggery! What great memories you'll have when you see your potting table sitting at your place!

Thanks, sunnyca...great project! & joy333 for posting link. Jeanne S.

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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

Here's another similar one that I found online.

Here is a link that might be useful: Potting bench

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Sprout, that's a neat bench too but lot of work for some of us that can't get anything square(like me). Easier if it's already built, that's why I love this project. But I think that screen on the back of sprout's bench would be great across the back of the 2 seating benches as things couldn't fall off & you could put "S" hooks to hold tools & they would be easy to change & move around so that would be good to combine the 2 ideas! Thanks! Jan

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