Wire Basket Mirrored Suncatcher.... Trying Again

pondgal(6a Pa.)August 2, 2010

I don't know what happened to my pic. Here's a second try.

I've just recently come back to this site recently. Kind of forgot about it.

About 5 or 6 years ago people here were making these suncatchers from a wire fruit basket from the $$$ store fishing line, cut mirrors and beads. I was cleaning out a cupboard when I found some leftover materials to make it, so I made up a new one, since the other was well worn by the weather.

I was really surprised to see if you do an archive search for wire basket suncatcher you will see 2 more that I did.

I love BLING, and I love how the morning sun hits this catcher and it just shines all over the yard and down to the road. :)

Sorry the pic isn't the greatest. It's hard to get something so large all in the shot.

Image link:

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pondgal(6a Pa.)

I know what I did I forgot to open the file. lol

I made the Patriotic look, and this one is o.k. but others I have made with a variety of colors I think looked better. Those pics are in the picture archives under wire basket sun catcher.

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I remember your baskets.....
I made one, but it was stolen, and I haven't replaced it.
Glad to see your new patriotic one!

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

I made one too back then after seeing them here. It had different shades of blue glass globs and mirror squares on the fishing line. Most of my fishing line has deteriorated over the years though there's still a bit hanging in the tree.

I just love the mirror squares used like that out in the yard. They are just magical. I'd like to make some more, more durable. I wonder if I use heavier line will it last longer? Any other ideas what to use that would hold up to the weather longer? Anyone have a good source for mirror squares?

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Very pretty, pondgal! I'm not usually a red, white and blue person myself but I do like your suncatcher.

garden2garden, I think some people have used Beadalon wiring. It is easier to work with than fishing line and more durable. It is sold where jewelry making supplies are sold. You can google Beadalon to see what it looks like.

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

Wow! thanks for posting pondgal! I've been on here at least that long, but unfortunately I wasn't checking out the Garden Junk at that time (what a MARVELOUS day that was when I found ya'll!!!) so I missed your original post. Now you have me thinking!! A week or so ago, there was a windchime post with a candy dish top and crystals hanging down, that I fell in love with, but I'm having difficulty finding CHEAP crystals, hmpf, people are hoarding them or something :).
Anyway, I have had these mirror garlands in square and diamond shapes for many, many years - knew I loved them, but had no plan for them. Now I think I'm going to incorporate your idea and the candy dish lid idea and FINALLY use my mirror garland!! wish me luck!!!

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it's very pretty -- I love the mirrors!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

That is pretty, great bling for the garden.

Did you glue the mirrors back-to-back over the line or singly?

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Cool!!! I have made some also.I through them a way when they panted my hous .They had rusted .I have done a new one will post soon.

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That's really beautiful. How do you keep the fishing line or other light weight wire from tangling in the breeze. I have a small windchime that gets tangled frequently.

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Laurastheme, mine had a fish swivel on each line, no open spaces between beads, a metal fish weight on the line bottoms --a swivel on the top of the basket too. When the wind blew, they spiraled OUT like an open umbrella, and everything turned, instead of tangling. I didn't know it would do that when I was making it, but was pleased when it did!
I loved it but someone else is enjoying it now....

Kelly, I used acrylic prisms and beads from Hobby Lobby.I buy them when they are on sale half price.

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Marlene Kindred

Love the idea of the basket sun catcher! Very pretty!

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